Meri khubsurat biwi ki train me chudai

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He slumped upon her for 10/15 minutes.
‘Ab Haria chodega tumhe.'

Haria was eagerly waiting for his turn and as soon as Bhushan stood up he pounced upon Manasi hungrily.
‘Bohot khub surat ho tum' I heard him comment. Manasi moaned softly. He had entered her .
It was slimy with Bhushan's semen so Haria's entered her easily.
‘Kya naam hai?' I heard him ask.
‘Manasi' she replied.
‘Umar kitni?'
‘25' Manasi had lied again she was almost 30.
‘Bache hai?'
‘Aaj ho jayega. 6 jan chodega tumko bari bari se. bolo chahiye ya nahi?'
There was silence as he fucked her,
‘Sali baat kar' he stormed ‘chahiye ki nahi?
‘Ha chahiye' Manasi replied.
‘Ha aisa bolo.'
‘Maza aa raha hai? He asked.
‘Ha' this time I heard her reply.

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Heavy pounding Pause
ka lund ka size kya hai?'
‘Char in' Mansi replied.
I was shocked to hear her lie. I had a 6 in erection.
‘Meri wali 9 in ka hai' Haria said ‘maza aa rahi hai?
‘Kabi liye ho 9 in?'
‘Nahi, aaj pehli baar' I heard Manasi reply.
‘Tumko to 9/10 in maza degi. Hai na, bolo?'
‘Bihario se chudwao. Chudwayegi?' Haria asked.
‘Chudwaungi' she replied.
‘Kis se chudwaoge?'
‘Aap log jaise Bihariose chudwaungi.'
‘Sabbas. Ab meri pani nikalne wali hai,teri pani nikli?'
‘Abhi kas ke jakro jaise Bhushan ko jakra tha. Tange pith par. Chut se mera lund ko kaso. Ha aise. Aaur zor se. bariya kaste raho aisehi jab tak me dadungi.'

Manasi croaked grinding her cunt on his inserted phallus. A deep groan came from his throat. That was the signal. Haria was vigorously ejaculating into her.
‘Aaj kafi din baad bariya chut mari hu. Maza aa gaya tumko chodkar'
The third was a slim lanky guy called Mannu. He thrust a cloth bag under her buttocks to raise her before penetrating her. Then I heard a strange sound.
He was spitting!

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Ya! He spat on her and then came some lapping sounds. He was licking up the spit from her face and shoulders. I wished I could see the play but it was too dark. This continued. Spitting and licking.
‘Tu bhi chato' I heard him tell Manasi.
Lapping sounds and ramming.
He fucked Manasi quietly for an hour. He did not talk but hugged her close kissed her mouth passionately as he fucked.
Next came Sukhlal. He was black and ugly looking with a protruding belly.
‘Meri lund chato Memsaab' I heard him whisper to Mansi.
There was silence as he fed her his . I could hear her lapping. That was the way she used to lap my penis. She was obeying.
‘Zor se chat. Maal nikal de aaj.' He was her mouth.
‘Ha ha aise, bohot dino ke baad koi chusa hai aise aaur maza do jiv lagao ha aise.' His commentary made me feel hot.
‘Gand bhi chuso. Ha udhar. Zor se… jiv se chato… aaah ha aise.'
‘Bohot khub memsaab' he praised.
‘Abhi meri beej niklegi mu me lo. pi lena. Ek bhi boond girna nahi chahiye,' he directed Manasi.

I could hear my gulp in her throat. He was ejaculating his semen in her mouth. I was hot as ever. Manasi never ate my cum but now she was eating this ugly black guy's cum like milk.
‘Acha hai? He asked her.
‘Ab Sitaram ki bari. Me tumhe baad me chodungi, Memsaab.'
Sitaram was a fatty guy of about 40.
‘Me tumhe piche se chodungi' he announced. There was a scuffle as Manasi was made to kneel and he mounted her from behind using her boobs like handles. Manasi moaned as he gave her his cock. She was now oblivious of her surroundings.
‘Teri dudh mast hai re, kaise banaye ho. Achi tarah se pakarne do. Ha aise, pyar se, ye hui na baat. Teri chut bhi mast hai jaanu.'
He fucked her .
‘Kaisa lag rahi hai, Mansi?' he asked.
Achci lag rahi hai.'
‘Ahista maslo, dukhti hai' I heard Manasi whisper.
‘Tum to shadi shuda ho Mansi muje kas ke dabane do, kuch nahi hoga.'
‘Zor se chati dabao' Haria put in ‘Sali ko pasand hai.'
‘Pura nichor raha hu. Kafi bare bare hai zaroor maza ayegi isko' Sitaram replied.

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