Meri khubsurat biwi ki train me chudai

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I was also sure their hands were probing her under the blanket. Manasi's face was flushed red as both men were slowly caressing and exploring her .

‘Sab mil ke chalenge' Bhushan said grinning. He looked at my , his face close to her's ‘kya bolte ho?' he asked her. His palm was on her thighs (I could make out from the dipping blanket) and I imagined him squeeze her thighs with passion.

Manasi's face was flushed red in shame as she tried to avoid the probing hands of these smelly guys.
‘Aaram se' he remarked squeezing her butter-soft thighs. ‘Ghabrayiye nahi.'
One of them was groping and fondling her boobs. Her wide eyes told the story.
‘Aap upar jao' the guy called Haria directed at me.
It was a hopeless situation.
‘Ye to char logo ke liye hai' I protested weekly. ‘aap log to 6 jan ho.'
‘Koi baat nahi' replied Haria, ‘manage kar lenge.'
‘Aap upar jao. Memsaab niche so jayegi. Hum log do seat me manage karlenge. The guy's palm was between my wife's legs, I was sure. She was butter-soft there and I could almost sense how the guy must have felt touching her there. They were not fools and they realized that she was and ideal female for .

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‘Jaldi sharab nikalo auur batti bujao' he said removing his lungi in a trice as he slid naked into the blanket with her. I noticed that he was rubbing his body against hers. They were not going to waste time.
Manasi was restless as the guy called Haria explored her like a black monster from the other side.
Manasi winced and from her facial expression I knew that one of the guy's had his hand between her nude soft thighs or pussy and he was obviously squeezing them now.
Manasi was staring out of the window her face was flushed red.

One guy took out a bottle of liquor and passed it around. I was also offered. I had no option but to drink the cheap liquor.

‘Aap bhi thorisi pi lo, Memsaab the big one said thrusting the bottle at her lips and I could see him rub his body against her under the blanket.
‘Ek sath bethenge aur maza karenge. Kya bolte ho? He asked my wife.

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Manasi nodded because she too was helpless. She was purposely avoiding my eyes because it happened to be the Biharis who were now under her blanket instead of me and they played with her body freely. Both the Biharis were sexually excited by now and groped her eagerly and lovingly.
‘Ghabrayiye nahi' Bhushan consoled Manasi when she tried to move away. He pulled her onto his body and held her tightly by the breasts.
Manasi gulped as he fed her the liquor. She choked. She was helpless and accepted the drink. He made her drink profusely as he gripped her boobs and pulled her close to his body.
‘Garmi aa jayegi.'

Soon I noticed that she was huddled between the two big burly men like a baby. There was a slight movement under the blanket and her bra and Haria's lungi fell on the floor. I could tell that all three were naked underneath.

The raw country liquor was strong and soon I could see Mansi's eyes were closing and she was letting them feel her as they willed. She had succumbed to the two naked Biharis completely under the blanket.
‘Batti bujha do' the big guy shouted and the lights were put off.
The train was passing the forests so it was dark. I could hear some grappling as the guys made love to my . The liquor was effective she provided no resistance. Suddenly all was quiet.

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