Meri khubsurat biwi ki train me chudai

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‘Isko pakro' Bhushan was whispering in her ear, he was giving her his .
‘Meri bhi' Haria echoed.
‘Pyar se ghiso. Ha aise. Teri khilone hai.'
Manasi stroked their cocks and they were delirious.
The train passed a signal and briefly I caught glimpse. The three of them were wrapped in the same blanket with my like a single ball. Manasi was now sitting on their lap. They were hugging her and kissing her like mad men. I could hear their tongues lap. One of them was sucking her boobs!
Suddenly I felt that I was having an erection. I decided that I should give Manasi the good opportunity.
Meanwhile the other men had pulled blankets around themselves, pretending to doze.
‘Aap upar chale jao' Haria told me.
‘Manasi you sleep in this berth' I said.
‘Ok' she replied weakly ‘you go to sleep I will sleep after some time.'

As soon as I was on the top bunk I peeped below. They were just waiting for me to go up. The other guys came under the blanket. Then there were the sounds of kissing, sucking and my wife's occasional sighs as they played with her lovely naked .

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‘Kya cheez hai.' I heard someone comment. Within an hour all the six guys had played with my wife by turn under the blanket.

Manasi was and she moaned loudly in full passion.
‘So gaye?' someone asked me. I kept quiet pretending to be asleep.
‘Ye so gaya' he announced.
‘Ab chodenge isko' I heard Bhushan whisper. ‘Tum log mere baad.'
He made Manasi lie down on the berth and he slid his huge black body over hers.
‘Tange kholo memsaab' I heard him whisper.
‘Aaur fellao. Khub pyar se.' Pause. ‘Apne hato se mera lund andar le lo pyar se' he instructed.
Manasi did so because he said ‘Ha bariya.'
Bhushan was instructing my wife and I was sure that she was cooperating fully.
Suddenly there was a stifled groan coming from Manasi's throat and I knew instantly that he had inserted his lund fully in her . I could hear Manasi's typical sighs as he stroked her.
‘Kas ke jakarlo muje” Bhushan ordered Manasi.
‘Aaou zor se. Tango ko meri pith pe lao. Aaur upar. Ha aise. Abhi puri tarah se andar gaya hai.'

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Maybe they were low-class labourers but they knew how to achieve complete .

‘bohot tandrust ho tum. Teri chut mast hai Memsaab, kafi garmi hai. Bilkul tight. Super.'
‘Tere dudh ka size kya hai?' I heard him ask her in a whisper.
‘Challis' I heard Manasi reply, she was enjoying so she had lied. She was also playing with the Bihari now.
‘Mast banaye ho' Bhushan commented.
They talked and . I could not hear everything but they were getting introduced.
‘Kabhi Bihari lund liye ho?'
‘Aaj maze le lo.'
‘Chodna pasand hai? He asked her.
‘Aaj dil khol ke chodo. Hum 6 log hai.'
‘Chone dogi?
‘Sabbas, ye huwi na baat.' He was kissing her.'

He fucked my wife for an hour. He would thrash her wildly till she cummed then he would slow down to full deep strokes. He was taking his own time tasting her slowly.

Fifteen minutes later.
‘Abhi me bbej dalunga. Tumko ho gaya?'
‘Ha daliye, me tayar hu,' I heard Manasi reply in a whisper.
Muje kas ke jakar lo' he said.
‘Aaur zor se, tum bachi nahi ho'
‘Apni chut se mera lund kas lo. Zor se. Ha aise. Bariya. Baar baar kaso. Aaaah ….ha ha aise he muttered drunkenly. ‘Ab lelo mera beej.'
Manasi croaked as he filled her up with his Bihari semen.
Manasi was having an and I knew it from her throat sounds. They were ejaculating together.
‘Maza aya?'
‘Ha, bohot.'

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