Melissa from eighteen to thirty-eight – PART 1

It’s 4:17 AM and I’m lying here in bed on my back pitching tent listening to the Loons on the lake tuning up for the day. It’s mid-summer and the transition from total darkness to the gray of early dawn has started but sunrise is still forty-five minutes away. I should roll over and go

My soilder Boy – Bangalore love story

Having read about everyone’s experience. I would love to write down mine. I never in my life thought that i would meet someone so handsome that i will get wet when I see him. Yes, it was one of those evenings of my life. I met Rohan, the army guy. I was at a friend’s

Family Boobs – Part 1

Hello Friends, my name is Shweta and I am from West Bengal. This is the first part of my story. Let me tell about my family members. My family consists of me, my two-younger sister (Simran and Shreya) and my mom. My dad died 4 years ago. Soon after my dad died, it was difficult

Mom’s sexual education to son

Hi readers im sai back with my new story. It is about a son and mom’s insectous relationship, where mom educates son how to have sex and find pleasure. Hope you love it. The incident is creted on readers perspective. Ever since he found porn, he was completely addicted to it. First, he started fairly

Unforgettable First Time

I’m Yash, 24 years old, tall, and of medium build. The incident occurred five years ago, while I was in my second year of engineering. I used to be an extremely bashful man who would never approach a female in college. A girl arrived unexpectedly at my home. She is tall and has a decent

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