Ram and his Sisters – Part 1

Hello readers, what about tell you guys is a fictional work of mine. Hope you enjoy this and support me for further more such works.

This is a story of a boy who has two elder sisters and how he starts using and fucking them around. Ram has two elder sisters Siri ( 1st elder sister ) and Priya (2nd elder sister). Ram’s parents Karthikeya and Srujana were pretty busy with work and were staying in the UK. While Siri, Priya and Ram were living in Bengaluru. Siri works as a software developer at an MNC, Priya takes care of her boutique, and Ram is doing his degree.

It was midnight, Ram wanted to jerk off but was unable to do so as he was uninterested in watching those porn videos. Then he remembered his friend suggesting the website indiasexstories.net containing several desi sex stories.

He quickly searched and started to scroll the stories. He came across a sex story in which author narreted how he saw his sister and blackmailed her to have sex. Ram did not like a bit of that but he somehow was so addicted to this incest sex stories. Throughout the night Ram read a lot of incest stories and jerked off multiple times.

Next day It was a normal morning for Ram. He woke up at 8 and went to the kitchen to see Siri and Priya what they were cooking after freshening up.
Ram: Akka what are you guys cooking?
Siri: Nothing much preparing some Dosa for you. Priya just left to open up the Boutique. She has a lot of dress deliveries for marriages and events.
Ram sees her sister’s boobs within the tshirt. It was a v-shaped deep neck t-shirt. While she is preparing the batter Ram is staring at the boobs which are quite proportionate to her body. Siri is a good looking girl who stands 5 4 tall and has a very good structure of about 37-28-35.

Ram tells himself to stop staring but could not due to the previous night’s sex stories. He suddenly got to sneak a peek of her sister’s nipple colour. And then suddenly his dick raised, making a tent in his boxer. Siri noticed his brothers looking but ignored them thinking he might have been looking accidentally. Ram has a hard time controlling his feelings so he quickly starts towards the bathroom to relieve himself.

After relieving himself and eating breakfast. He went to his room. At that time he realises the mistake he has made. He had forgotten to flush the toilet and clean the cum that he had shot in the bathroom. He rushes to the bathroom to clean up his mess but the damage is already done.

Siri was already in and out of the bathroom seeing all this mess and was disgusted by him. “How can you make me see this first thing in the morning after having breakfast?” she shouted and left the place. Ram knew this was coming. SIri always wanted to be clean and make their surroundings clean. Ram once did not flush the toilet, so he know what Siri does to him. But Ram was thinking whether Siri is mad at him for not flushing the toilet instead of all the cum shots ion bathroom. This lit up the embers of his hope in himself.

He cleaned up the bathroom and went to his sister to apologise to her for not flushing up.

Ram: Akka sorry that I did not flush it.
Siri: You better be prepared for scoldings yet to come.
Ram: I am Akka. I already know the consequences.
Siri: Then why did you do it? You have already tasted the full force of my anger last time right?
Ram: I was thinking a lot and was lost in therm Akka. Kindly forgive me for this one.
Siri: Okay I will accept your apologies but you have to do few things from now to make me accept them.
Ram nods silently as he knows that it is unavoidable and is way better than how she treated him the last time. Moreover Ram is relieved that Siri did not notice those jerk offs and cum shots in the bathroom.

In the afternoon, he was watching some tv while his sister Siri was cleaning rooms since her cooker takes some time to cook. She noticed a few tissue papers thrown away below his bed.. She took those tissue papers and was about to throw them in the dustbin but found a white viscous gel on her hand which came from tissues. She took the smell to identify what this is then realised that this is a cum. She quickly cleaned all this as its not something new and she and his sister Priya know that boys usually do this stuff once or twice in a while.

Siri wants to check his brother Ram’s phone but is confused as to whether to do it or not. She thought about it for a while holding it in her hand when suddenly a cooker whistle came and she pockets the phone in her hand. She ran towards to the kitchen and turned it off.

Siri decides to take shover as she has done everything and is feeling sweaty. While she is putting the clothes in the washing machine. Siri notices the phone in the pyjama pocket. She decides to watch what made Ram so active in jerking off. Siri knows the password as Ram knows Siri values privacy. So Siri opens the phone.

Siri gasps with shock to see what website and what he is watching. He is reading a lot of incest. She read through all of that and his browser history. Ram’s phone also has a lot of pictures of Siri while she is cooking and bending. Siri quickly goes to Ram forgetting she is all naked.

Ram is shocked as well as happy to see her busty sister Siri like that.

To be continued…

If you have any such confessions and want to have a open conversation kindly mail me at [email protected]

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