It was just sex

She knew getting in contact with him will complicate things but what could she do, she was missing him, she was missing the part of her life with him. Was it because she was losing herself and she needed him to remind her who she was?

Every day the scenario of them meeting plays in her head. What she will wear, what she will say, how she will be with him. It has been more than three years since they last met but it feels like just last night they met and had the most amazing night. Well, it was the most amazing night for her at least.

The skin clinging dress, resting on her thighs, little bit of makeup, lips being plumped and glossed, the feeling of his kisses later, making her lips tingle. His touch and the fire that he ignited in her body still leaves her wanting more. Looking back at that day, it was a typical morning, but it was one of the longest. It was sort of her fault too, with all the teasing and messages she was sending to him, telling him what she wanted, showing him what she wanted him to do to her, just. Made her desires burn more.

The night finally came, and she saw lust and hunger in his eyes. The way he looked at her, his eyes travelling up and down as if he could see through the dress, his eyes stopped on her lips, she could smell her arousal on her as she felt aroused under his stare.

His lips took hers fiercely, his hands grabbing her hair and the other on her waist pulling her closer to him, slamming their body on the stair wall. She moaned in his mouth as his tongue danced with hers, and his hold getting rough, just what she likes. He knew her so well. Her body was responding to him like a magnet, she wanted him bad. Her hands wrapped around him, pulling him closer to herself as she moved her head back, exposing her neck for his lips to caress. His mouth knew magic, leaving kisses on her lips, face, moving to her neck, nibbling on the skin, leaving his mark behind, she moaned harder as she felt her orgasm build. Her mind went blank as his hot breath tingled her skin, his teeth grazing her neck, his hands have slipped under her dress, his fingers are teasing her wetness as he tortures her with his mouth.

She needed more, she pulled his face up to her, their eyes connect, it was her turn to show him what she has been craving for, she pulled him in a deep kiss, moaning as she deepens the kiss, leaving her breathless, “fuck me now” she moaned, he heard her loud and clear. His fingers tugged on her panties and pulled it down, his fingers feeling her wetness and warmth. She couldn’t stop moaning, he slipped in one finger in her, no warning, no gentleness, he knew she likes it rough, without wasting anymore seconds, he slipped in a second finger, she spread her legs further, allowing him to have full access, her head still thrown back, her back arched, pushing her boobs in the air, enough to have his lips lingering on her neck and top of her boobs, her nipples are rigid hard, aching for his touch, his mouth, she needs to feel him everywhere, every inch of her skin is missing him. He was like a drug; she was addicted to him.

Her hips moved as he slipped his fingers in and out of her, she was dripping wet, her pussy was tightening around his fingers, he picked his speed and started thrusting faster and harder, it took just a few thrusts and she was shaking, and she screamed as a wave of pleasure filled her, his thumb was rubbing on her clit as he sped up his thrusts, making her ride her orgasm on his fingers. It didn’t stop there for her because she bit on his shoulders to hold her scream not wanting to wake up her flat mates as she came hard on his fingers and squirted, shaking and gasping as her legs tried to keep her standing, his other hands were holding her, supporting her as she shook with pure ecstasy. Her pupil wide and her lips parted as she gasped for air, a smile cornered her lips as she looked him in the eye, “bedroom now” she begged.

The bedroom door closed, and she was propped on the bed on her knees, she complied with what he was doing, her dress was on her hips, her ass in the air exposed for him, she could feel his gaze on her bare ass, time stopped, he wasn’t doing anything, she didn’t want to move or break the moment, she knew he was teasing her, making her wait. She turned around slowly to face him, the lights in the room were off, but the curtains were just enough apart for the moonlight to shine in, and she looked him in his eyes, begging for him to do something. He moved his hand up slowly, his skin felt so warm and good on her ass, he rubbed her ass cheek slowly, making his fingers touch her pussy lips occasionally, his hands cupped her ass cheek, “look at me” he commanded, she looked up at him, he held power over her, she knew what was coming. Biting her lips as he lifted his hand from her ass cheek and he spanked her, her ass jiggling, and he groaned at the sight in front of him. He didn’t wait for her to take another breath as he landed another blow on her, she moaned again, he spanked her again, moving to the other ass cheek, she moaned loudly, as she felt another, and she shuddered under his touch.

That wasn’t enough for her, she wriggled her ass cheek for him, she arched her back and pressed her chest on the bed, this made her be more exposed to him, she knew this would drive him crazy, without any warning, she felt his tongue thrust in her pussy and she moaned urging him. His fingers spread her cheeks as he buried his face deep in her pussy, licking her, pulling on her pussy lips, teasing her clit as he fucked her with his tongue. Her head rolls from side to side as she prepares her body for another orgasm. As she got near to her orgasm he stopped, he laughed and rolled her over on the bed, frustrated she sighed. She was aware of his fucking skills and teasing turned him on more, so she was happy with whatever he wanted to do. She propped up on the bed, pulling him to her, wrapping her legs around him, she pulled his t-shirt off him and threw it on the floor, her fingers raked down his chest to slowly linger on the front of his pants. She didn’t need to touch him to know he was hard for her. Without wasting time, she undid the button and zip on his pants, her fingers grabbed his hard erect dick, giving it a squeeze slowly. She could feel her pussy ache for him, as her hands moved up and down on his dick, she felt his precum over the material, throwing his pants and underwear away she pushed him back so that she can stand up, her eyes not leaving his, she slowly went onto her knees, kneeling Infront of him, his dick hard in the air, inches away from her mouth.

She blew hot air on him, hearing him groan a little, her fingers moved up and down on the length of his dick, circling on the base of his balls, making him go rigid. She moved her mouth closer to the tip of his dick, tasting the ooze of pre cum, licking her lips as she tasted him. Her fingers circling around the base of his cock as she took his full length in her mouth, her tongue sliding on his tight skin and her saliva making him wetter as she started sucking him, he was her favorite lollypop at that moment.

He groaned as she did magic with her mouth on his cock, her head bobbing up and down, his fingers curled in her hair, pushing her deeper on his cock, he picked up a rhythm and started fucking her mouth. She moaned and took him deep, his tip hitting the back of her throat, making her gag, but she kept on sucking him like a good girl. Her pussy was getting wetter as she sucked him off, his groans and moans getting louder, “fuck” his breathing rasp, he pulls her up on her feet, looking at her teary eyes, her swollen lips, his pre cum on the corner of her mouth, “I want your pussy now” he pushed her on the bed, legs spread wide, in quick movements he is positioning his hard cock at the entrance of her pussy, teasing her with his tip, she was soaking wet. He thrusted his hard cock in her pussy with ease, her pussy juices coating him, her pussy walls tightening and grasping his cock as he pulls all the way out and thrusts in deep and fast. Her nails digging on his back as he thrusts in her with speed and long deep strokes, she was losing her senses as she felt so full and complete. She had missed him, his touch, his body, his cock, knew what to do to her. He pulled her leg and placed it on his shoulder, creating more friction, his lips leaving wet kisses on her thighs, this made her crazy, she moaned as she felt her orgasm building again, she knew she was going to cum soon, her eyes closed, toes curling, legs shaking as she felt her orgasm build, he moved his free hand and started playing with her boobs, massaging it and pulling on her nipple, she couldn’t stop moaning, “yes, yes” her moans raspy, her breathing shaky, “harder babe, fuck me harder” she urged him on. He loved when she would call him babe and beg him to fuck her harder. He could feel her pussy walls tightening, she was so close to her release. He thrusted deeper in her, feeling the tip of her womb, he knew she was just on the tip.

A few more strokes and she would cum, he could feel her body responding, her legs going rigid, he bent down, capturing her lips in a deep kiss, as he pulled his cock out, pussy juice dripping everywhere, as he deepened his kiss he thrusted in her pussy again, she screamed in his mouth as she felt her orgasm tip her over. Hot wet juice covering his cock, he shuddered as he saw her, her eyes wide, her face in pure bliss, her pussy walls pulsating on his very hard dick. Just seeing her cum and enjoying herself he felt so pleased. She took minutes to catch her breath, she smiled at him as he stared at her, “now your turn” she smirked and pushed him on the bed. He loved this about her, she always took care of him, she straddled her legs around him, her pussy was still oozing juices as she sat on his cock, her head fell back as she started moving up and down on him, his hands were grabbing her waist as she rode him. Slow deep strokes, she bounced her ass on him with a rhythm, clenching her pussy wall, making his cock glide in and out with more intensity.

She loved riding him, the feeling of being full made her more horny and wet, she left kisses on his neck and chest as she bounced up and down on him, his hands guiding her ass as she rode him. He matched his thrusts with her movements, this made his cock slip in deeper, this made her bite him, she left her marks on his neck, while their body moved together, they stared at each other, smiling, happy as they both fucked each other. She knew this will not be enough to make him cum and she wasn’t complaining, she picked up her speed and rode him faster, till she felt his nails digging on her waist, she pushed herself on his cock, taking him all in and stopped moving, she kept on looking at him, she moved her hips in circular movements, slow and steady.

Both their bodies covered in sweat, the room smelling of sex, “fuck me doggy style” she whispered in his ears. He knew she would go wild when she is on her knees and ass spread wide, her pussy waiting to be pounded. He didn’t wait for her to ask again, he moved her in position and lined his cock on her pussy entrance, she was so wet for him, he slid his cock in her, long slow strokes, rubbing her back, pulling on her hair, he wanted to take it slow, build her to an orgasm before he really pounded her, making her scream. She grabbed the bed sheets, her nails tearing it through as he fucked her slow and steady, his one hand was busy playing with her clit, the room echoed the sound of his balls slapping on her ass, wet slurping sound filled the room as he slowly picked his speed. She was twitching her ass, pushing on his cock, meeting his thrusts, he grabbed her hair and pulled her to face him, he planted a deep kiss on her lips and started pounding her pussy the way she liked it, hard, rough and deep.

She kept on begging for more, “harder, babe harder” she begged, half moaning. He spanked her ass as he fucked her pussy, making her more wet, she kept on begging for more, he knew she wanted to be pleasured, he knew she wanted to feel used, and she wanted to cum so hard that she didn’t miss him when he left. Seeing her body respond to him in such a way made him urge closer to his own release, she felt him twitch, she felt him losing control, she secretly enjoyed when he was rough and hard with her, he would make her feel like she is the only girl he needs, his thrusts got faster and faster, his balls slapping fiercely on her ass, he yanked her hair back as he thrusted his cock deep in her wetness and let himself go, she knew he was close, her own orgasm shuddered through her as he emptied himself in her pussy. He laid still on top of her, their breathing labored, his cum dripping from her pussy, he was semi hard, and she knew if she wanted, he will be hard for her again and he can fuck her all night.

Her pussy never could fully be satisfied, she needed him so much more, but this was forbidden, what they felt for each other, he completed her, she needed him, but she was too scared to become vulnerable to a man again.

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