Helping Mom around the house gets sensual

“That felt so good baby. Mommy really needed that.” She sighed.

I agreed with her. Too bad she would probably not recall any of this because of the pain-killers. They probably had a huge part in over-riding her inhibitions. She sat on the bed as I went to fetch her hose and robe. I noticed she still had a small trail of my cum seeping out of her hungry pussy.


“I don’t think I’ll wear nylons tonight baby.” Mom stated.

“Why not?” I asked. “You always love wearing these.”

“I know but they’ll just get in the way in case we decide to do that again.” Mom said as she pawed my crotch with a smile.

I guess there were really no limits now. We didn’t have to wait to see each other naked in the shower anymore. We both consented to having sex so all bets were off. I could fuck her right here on the bed if I wanted. As wrong as this whole taboo situation was out in the open, the sky was the limit. My cock was getting hard again just thinking of the notion that we could do anything we wanted for the next month or so.

“Well baby, I’m gonna go lay down on that big ol’ couch.” Mom said seductively. As she left, she managed to slide the belt of her robe completely off and threw it at me playfully over her shoulder.

“You coming?” she smirked.

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