Daughter proves to her daddy she’s not a little girl anymore

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“Princess… No.”

“Okay. I was just saying.”

“Uh-huh.” He grunted, like he knew what I was up to.

I spent the whole day with and it made me so . I had to run off to the bathroom and rub myself like 5 times. I caught Daddy looking at me a few times which made me so happy and excited, and he saw just how excited it made me too. When I got him looking at my kitty one time I was so wet that you could see it on my thighs.

When it was bedtime Daddy told me to go upstairs and get ready for bed and he'd be in soon. I don't know what he meant by get ready, cause I just laid in Daddy's bed naked and waited for him. When he walked in and saw me naked laying on the covers, he groaned. “I said get ready for bed, baby doll.”

“I am ready for bed.” I said, sitting up leaning on my hands, shrugging. He just stood there and looked at me for a minute, like he was debating on making me go put clothes on, but then he just took of his shirt and pants and got into bed with me. I was so excited I wondered if he could smell it.

I kissed Daddy goodnight and we got real close. He wrapped his arm around me and I snuggled into his side, putting one of my legs over his leg and the other under. If Daddy wanted too, he could easily reach my butt again, and I hoped he did.

It was so to stay awake, I was so cozy with him, but I really wanted to touch his penis a little bit again. I knew I couldn't suck or lick on it like last night cause Daddy wasn't , but I still figured I could play with it a little bit.

But that plan didn't stick, cause about an hour after bedtime I was between Daddy's legs again, licking his hard penis. I imagined Daddy complementing me and encouraging me to lick and suck on him ‘Good girl Millie, you're so beautiful, suck Daddy's .' I imagined him. I was deep into the and took Daddy's penis as far as I could into my , making him moan and move.

“Millie?! What the are you doing?” Daddy yelled, wrenching my hands off his penis.

I quickly sat up, scared. “I'm… I'm sorry Daddy, I-“

“Get out.” He said in an angry tone.

“Daddy I-“

“Out, now!” He yelled, pointing to his door. I jumped up and ran out of his room, tears streaming down my face, into my own room.

‘Oh no, Daddy caught me, he's gonna hate me, he's gonna send me away.' I thought to myself as I cried in bed. I berated myself for getting so carried away, I was supposed to just touch it a little, not kiss, lick and suck on it. Now I ruined everything.

Daddy was going to hate me, and now I would never get to be his woman or feel him inside me, and I hated it. I cried all night till I fell asleep.

The next morning, Daddy never came to wake me up for school, and I didn't want to leave my room to face him. I just couldn't. I hated him being mad at me, but this was much worse. It was a bit past noon when he knocked on my door. “Millie baby, open up.” He said.

I hesitated for a moment, but knew disobeying Daddy would only make it worse, so I opened the door naked. I had prepared my apology all night and it came pouring out in an instant. “I'm sorry Daddy, I'll never do it again. I just really wanted to touch it and then when it got hard I wanted to kiss it a bit and then when I kissed it a bit I wanted to lick it and I just got carried away. Please don't be mad at me Daddy I'm so sorry, please don't hate me, please don't.” I said, hugging him and burying my face in his torso.

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