An Exhibitionist Hot Wife Veena Ch. 01

“What do you want as payment, Kabir-Ji?” I pressed forward as I said that. The ball is in his park now.

“How about you let me hold those beautiful boobs of yours for 20 seconds?”


“Oh, Kabir-Ji, how could you ask me that!!!” He was taken aback and wasn’t sure what to say next.

I changed my expression. “Would that cover the cost of the pencil set?” I asked.


“Deal”, I said.

‘Time for some touching’, I thought. Kabir’s hands were enormous. He hungrily lunged forward and held both of my tits in his hands, over my t-shirt! However, the marketplace behind me had no clue that such an incident was taking place in public. We weren’t hiding. My back was towards the road, and none except us could know what we were doing.

He was pressing them softly for a few seconds and then started fondling my globes faster and harder.

“Aaahhh…” I let out a moan. He understood that I loved what he was doing.

“Kabir-Ji, what about the other half of my payment… aahhhh..”

“For that, dear, allow me to fondle your breasts… over your bra.”

“Oh okay, Kabir-Ji… aahhhh… that is fair.”

He took the green light well. He put his hands inside my t-shirt and fondled my boobs over the bra. He started stimulating my nipples. It was so hot, and I was very turned on at that moment. It was the first time after my marriage, a man other than my husband was mauling my boobs. That too in public.

“Ohh yes, Kabir-Ji… keep doing that.” Interested, I glimpsed at his lap. It formed a big tent in his lungi (a towel kind of a garment that Indians wear when at home). I must say I was impressed and intrigued. It must definitely have been bigger than my husband’s.

We lost track of time. It must have been two minutes, which felt so good when the kid arrived at the shop. Kabir quickly withdrew his hands, and I reset my t-shirt.

“That must settle it, madam. Hope you liked our service”, he said.

“Yes, Kabir-Ji. I will be back for more for sure. I mean, I am working on a project, and I would need more materials. I will come back soon to buy some more.” I winked at him.

“I can’t wait for that, madam. Please have this before you leave”, he offered me the beverage.

“Another time Kabir-Ji. Thank you.”

“Okay. Be back soon, madam.”

He was smiling, which is different from earlier. It was a smile of lust earlier. It was a smile of conquest now. That confident bastard. I am definitely coming back for more, and he knows that. I needed to see what he was packing and what the source of his confidence was.

With me satisfied, I started back to my car. I called Deepak to check if he was back home.

“Hey Deepak, where are you, honey?”

“I am still at work. It could be another two to three hours of work tonight. Sorry, darling. I know I have said I’d be home soon today. But please forgive me.”

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