An Exhibitionist Hot Wife Veena Ch. 01

“Oh, thank you, Mister – ”



He walked to me and placed the pencil set on the desk. As if checking out the pencils, I bent down and put my elbows on the desk. This gave a clear view of my cleavage.

I said about the pencils, “Kabir-Ji, aren’t they beautiful?”

He was staring overtly into my t-shirt now. Referring to my tits, he said, “Oh yes, dear, these are indeed beautiful.”

Then I pointed to something on the packaging to ask something. When I moved the hand, the inside part of my arm pushed my boobs together, making a better view of them. I suspect he could slightly see my nipples as well. He was looking hungrily into my t-shirt, wide-eyed and almost drooling. I looked down to see what I was showing. He could see both my globes straining inside my bra and the Mangal sutra. I looked up at him, and our eyes met.

“Kabir-Ji, you were very naughty looking at my… things like that.”

“But I am not sorry, lady. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. Your body deserved to be looked at and complimented.”

I blushed a little. “Umm… thank you, Kabir-Ji”, I said softly.

Neither did I move, nor he stopped looking at my cleavage. I pretended to check out the pencils. I was getting aroused each second passing. Further, I wanted to show him more. I saw some canvas sheets behind him on the floor.

“What are those?” I leaned forward a lot more, and my Mangal sutra slipped out of my t-shirt.

“Oops… ” I exclaimed.

In this angle, he could see the whole of my bra-clad breasts, probably my navel, through the neck hole.

I stood back up. Kabir-Ji saw me as I stood seductively in front of him.

“That should be inside my t-shirt”, I said and smiled. I looked into his eyes, but I did not attempt to put it inside my t-shirt. He took my hint. He reached out his hand, lifted it and put the thread inside my t-shirt between my cleavage, brushing his fingers as he did so.

“Mmhhh… ” I let out a slight moan in response. He withdrew his hand.

I decided to buy the pencil set and asked him the price.

“450 rupees, madam”, he replied.

I opened my purse and fiddled through the cash. He could see that I had a few 500-hundred-rupee notes in my wallet. As soon as he registered that, I closed my purse.

“Oh no, Kabir-Ji. I think I left my cash at home, nor did I bring my cards.”

He grinned. “That’s unfortunate, my dear. But payment must be made.”

It was all going on an excellent track. The thought that this pervy old man has seen half my tits and was working to take more from me. We were on the same page until now. I am already aroused enough. All it takes is a little stimulation on my clit, and I would cum. But something inside me wanted more. Being myself after a long while, I was hungry for more. Just like Kabir. But what should I do for him? His eyes were glued to my chest. Should I show them or let him touch them?

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