An Exhibitionist Hot Wife Veena Ch. 01

Calmly, I put my left hand on my torso, put one leg forward, and looked at him. I struck a pose! He didn’t need another invitation. Within seconds he fired up his DSLR camera. I closed my eyes, bit my lower lip, making a sensual face. Then I heard faint clicking noises from the camera. ‘Just a little more to make his day’, I thought.

I pulled the Mangal Sutra out of my top, then slowly and seductively lifted my top, about two inches. Just enough so that he could see my under-boobs, with the Mangal Sutra pendant just below them. He gulped and took another photo.


Then I removed my top completely. Even while removing it, I could tell he took a picture of it too. I put one hand across my tits, covering my nipples and squeezed my boobs together.


Now I looked directly at the camera. A lot of feelings were burning up inside me. I was too horny to think straight. I put both my hands to the sides, showing my whole body.


I raised my hands, put them over my head, turned slightly, about fifteen degrees to my left, and showed my milky white sensuous thighs. I tilted my head back a little and looked at the camera.


Next, I walked towards the window. I held the vertical grill of the pane and smiled at the camera.


If he wasn’t still impressed by my body (why would he not be!), what I did next would have worked the charm. I held the grill with my hands and pushed my boobs out through the grill. My erect nipples and my big milky tits were a feast to his eyes.


‘Enough for today, I thought and closed the window. If I proceeded any further, I would have cum in front of him. As much as I don’t have a problem with that, I would eventually do those things with him. For now, I pinched my nipples with one hand and inserted fingers into my wet sopping cunt. I recalled the evening events one after the other. First, an old shopkeeper, just as old as my father, mauled at my tits with his big rough hands. Next, I showed my whole body to our new neighbour, who happened to be a handsome stud. Not only that, I let him take pictures of me. ‘Someday, we should pose together nude,’ I thought. Fingering faster, it then took me less than one minute to cum.

Once I caught my breath, I got up to go and shower peacefully. As I lay in the bathtub, my phone, which was beside me, chimed. A WhatsApp notification.

I opened it to find those pictures that Rohan took a while ago. I looked stunning in those clicks.

“You are the sexiest model I have ever laid my eyes upon. Not to mention those perfect big rack of yours. I look forward to having more fun with you, neighbour. ;)”

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