An Exhibitionist Hot Wife Veena Ch. 01

‘Uggghh… noo… Just when I needed him!’

“It’s okay, honey. Finish up and come home,” I said.


“How was the shopping?”

“I am returning home. Talk to you later.” And I cut the call.

I got to my car and drove home. Things turned out pretty well, just as I expected. While driving home, I recalled the events that happened. As they flashed in my eyes, my nipples were pressing the inside fabric of my bra. My boobs were heaving. There was a tingling feeling in my private region down below.

When I reached our home, I saw a young chap at the gate next to our home. As it turned out later, they are our new neighbours. A few college students moved in next door, and he was one of them. He was paying off some helper, probably someone who might have helped him move luggage into the house.

That’s when I realized. My god! This guy is one of the hottest persons I have ever set my eyes upon. He stood at about 6 foot 2 inches, fair, chiselled beard, and was quite hunky. He looked quite a stud. Just when I thought I should have extra fun with guys like him.

When I got out of the car, he looked towards me. I didn’t look at him yet, but I could see he was checking me out from the corner of my eyes, from head to toe. ‘Can he be someone I was hoping he is?’ I decided to test him. I dropped my keys on the road ‘accidentally’ and bent down to pick them up. My toned ass was facing him. I took my time picking them. But I knew he was checking me out again. I could feel his eyes on my body.

Without standing up straight, I turned my head towards him and caught him glancing at my bum. “Hello,” I greeted.

He averted his eyes to mine and replied, “Hello there! I am your new neighbour, Rohan.”

“I am Veena.”

I stepped closer to him. He was inside the compound, leaning against the gate. As I got closer, I could see his ripped arms. He definitely gave me a bad boy vibe as I went closer to him. I wondered what those hands could do to me if I’d let him.

We chatted for a while. He is a final year fashion technology graduate student from a nearby college. He briefly mentioned that he was also a photographer and a model sometimes. All the while, he kept checking me out, quite blatantly at that.

“Veena, you look stunning. You could be a model if you wanted to. Let’s plan a photoshoot sometime.”

I blushed a little. He kept complimenting me, and my cheeks flushed pink, like a teenage girl.

“Your husband is a lucky guy to be with a dynamite body like yours. Damn! I envy him,” he continued.

It made me feel good. This guy is quite charming, showering me with all these compliments. Before we left, we exchanged numbers.

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