First night with my wife : An unexpected encounter

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Sex stories, First night with my wife : an unexpected encounter…..It’s a true happenings as myself James (name changed) got married with a gal Lisa as our marriage ceremony took 3-4 hours and ends in the early morning at 03:15 am ,there was no time or fit body to have s hot first night and it’s our conservative thought of not touching eachother’s body till we spend four consecutive nights together ,it’s a tough task for a groom of young age like me and it’s true also that no one see their (husband & wife) activities at night inside a closed James ,a 28 years guy got married with Lisa as marriage was in arranged format with parents blessings.

So my dad & mom as well as my younger sister Tony have seen him as they also got interacted in earlier occasion. So Lisa ,a fair complexion girl with a medium height of 5’3 feet is now my wife after our marriage ceremony ends in a longer span of time spent in a hotel’s large as James entered inside hotel’s room ,it’s a well furnished as well as have lot of rose petals and flowers on bed ,so two girls and a lady came there with my wife Lisa as she is looking too beautiful and her red coloured gawn with it’s brassiere (choli) is making her too sexy as she is a 24 years young girl with a slim figure but as gals and lady walked away and I moved to close the door ,she is bit shy .so as she is still standing with a high heel sandals on legs ,my eyes gazed on her big boobs as it’s bigger in size compared to her slim I am standing Infront of him as she have put her head down and now I put my hand on her shoulder as put my other hand on her cheeks………..

“Lisa ,we both are now a married couple “, she nodded her head as we both sits on bed ,so she is looking towards washroom’s door as I asked him……..

“Lisa ,it’s an early morning as we both are too exhausted
(She)so I can sleep with you on bed
(James too surprised)sure ,change your dress and get laid .”

So as I am in a Indian traditional wear of dhoti and kurta ,I walked towards wardrobe as I took out my bag and sit on bed ,so took out my white loose trousers and a t ‘ shirt from it and looking at Lisa ,as she have removed her sandals and frisked inside as I am refreshed ,I switched off the bulb while night bulb is making room bit hot and than she came as my face turned to him ,so she is on bed but I am strictly following the guidelines for a newly married guy but if she ignites me than ,no it will not happen as she is a well cultured and a nice girl and it’s our first interaction ,so we both slept on bed while maintaining a distance and now our eyes are looking at eachother as I said……….”good night ,sleep soundly .”and than I turned as I slept also ,so our marriage ceremony ends as both are sleeping on on day two ,as I wake up at 09:35 am I can’t see my wife and so after getting refreshed I took a bottle of water to drink ,later on my brother in law and sister in law came there as we talked and have coffee and as I was unknown of next plan ,my brother in law said……….

“now have to move to our home
(Me)o k but when we will go ?” and he responded me as it’s a nice day with clear sky and sunshine but it’s a November end season ,so some sort of cold wave is there.we left hotel in the afternoon as my wife’s native place is 25 Kms from main town Bhagalpur in Bihar .it’s really a boring day as too many gals as well as ladies meet me in hotel and feeling bit shy with their talks as well as behaviour ,inside car Lisa is with me as she have put a red coloured sari with a deep necked blouse and it’s sure ,she have also put a peticoat inside it ,so while sitting on back seat as our bodies are touching eachother’s ,I asked him……..

“You have left room early morning
(She is feeling bit ashamed) sorry for it
(Me)no need to apologize but I want to know it’s reason.”

And she smiled only as her soft boobs starts touching my elbows and arms ,we both are looking at eachother but she is not so sexy as her face always turns towards other we reached Lisa’s home as some gals and ladies starts singing songs and now it’s the start of our married life as both came out of car and some gals as well as ladies also took our photos and now inside her home as I am feeling too hot but have to be cool for two days I slept on bed after changing my clothes and in the evening ,some friends of Lisa came to meet me as my times passed while talking to it’s a boring phase of three more days ……….so on fourth day ……it’s a nice evening as Lisa is bit sad as she have to leave her parents home next day but I am too excited as tonight we both can make love .so in the evening I left home for walk with my brother in law as both have some conversation about our families members and lastly I am inside room with a king size bed but no attached washroom .

So after getting refreshed I have light dinner with my brother in law and it’s 09:30 pm as my wait for my wife lasts ,so looking too beautiful in her light blue sari with a sleeveless blouse as she put the door locked from it’s a night bulb in bedroom making conditions romantic as Lisa came on bed while she get laid adjacent to me and now it’s a night full of romance ,sex and as we turned our faces facing eachother’s body ,she is slight away from me but as I put my hand on his body I can see her eyes getting closed and soon ,I starts rubbing her sexy butts on Lisa is inching closer as James took him in his arms and as I hold him hard to put her below my body ,she is shocked but now she is on bed as I am on her top and as I hold her hairs while putting my hand on her head’s back ,she just closed her eyes as I kissed her Rossy lips hard and she than dig her nails on my back .so feeling hot ,I starts kissing her face as her sensation is screaming “uh ah um oh it’s a bit different experience”and so as I starts licking her lips with my long tongue ,she also took out her tongue as both are licking eachother’s and a rotten girl can’t be a good sex partner is my myth as she pushed her tongue in my mouth and I starts sucking it as my chest is pressing her boobs ,so James is too suspicious about Lisa’s big boobs as her slim figure is like a girl with no extra fleshes but how it’s possible that her boobs are so big ,is in my mind and so she pushed my head back and now I just kissed her face .

We both are on bed with our faces straight as I put my one hand on her left boobs and starts squeezing it hard ,so Lisa hold my wrist to put away my hand as she is “uh ah it’s in little pain “and I left her breast ,so I turned her as I put my hand on her blouse on shoulder to open it’s sari pin and as I opened it ,it took no time to pull down her sari from chest to waist and she have put her palms on her eyes but it’s our first night as I want to see her virgin vagina but if have lost her virginity earlier on ,than I can’t believe my wife a rotten girl of a well cultured now I starts making Lisa a nude lady as I removed her sari and now in a peticoat with a deep necked blouse ,her sexy boobs are giving me some visibility and Lisa is looking too I starts kissing her flat tummy to waist as her butts are going slight up and she is feeling too hot and as I hold the ropes of her peticoat ,she showed her resistance as she hold my hand and wake up but it’s my igniting mind that pushed him back on bed as I lifts her peticoat and her both thighs are well crossed ,so while looking at her smooth thighs ,I started rubbing it as I know it’s sensation for a girl to widened her legs and so she is looking too aroused as I hold her waist and starts kissing her thigh “oh no ,it’s a nice pleasure ah James ‘,so while kissing her thigh I starts pressing her breast on blouse and lastly ,I opened her ropes of peticoat.

So her legs are bit straight as her nude tummy to legs are making me horny ,now I removed my vest as I get laid on my back on starts kissing her face as my hand have hold her arm and she is in fire as her sexy voice

“uh oh my god ! It’s itching
(James pushed his hand under her back)what’s itching my darling ?,and Lisa is voiceless but her resistance turned hotter as I opened the strings of her blouse and lastly ,her brasserie is also on looking at my wife’s nude body as her crossed arms are on her boobs ,I just hold her one leg and made it stretched ,so nothing adverse as her both hands are on boobs and than I got the look of her vagina with both labias too closer but little hairs on it is making her reddish vagina too as I hold her both legs and put my face down on her vagina ,she is gazing at me and my lips are sealed on it as she shouts louder

“uh ah please James don’t do it ,don’t love it ,I am not prepared for it “and as I put her butts on bed ,her legs are still wide ,so put my fingers on it and starts distracting it and now her hole got opened as James starts licking her hole and she is in fire as her legs are in air ,so licking it for 2-3 minutes my penis got erected. so now I pulled down my loose trousers and I can see her eyes on my cock but as I put my face on her breast ,it vanished in between our bodies and as I hold Lisa’s breast to swallow ,she pushed it in my opened mouth and while sucking it hard ,I am squeezing her other she is in lot of sensation as her screams

“uh ah it’s juicy now “and I left her left breast to swallow my wife’s right breast as she is rubbing my back and her long nails of a finger is digging on back ,so I left her breast as I get laid on bed and both are completely nude.

Have my wife lost her virginity earlier on ? is the suspicion going on in my mind and than I thought to check it an conservative manner ,so if her vagina after getting fucked get blooded that’s good but if not ,nothing to I wake up as I pushed a pillow under her butts and now knelt down Infront of her cunt ,so putting my hard long penis straight to her glory hole ,I starts rubbing it’s glans on her hole and it’s a wet cunt ,so I pushed my cock as half of cock entered in her tight hole and her face have become reddish as her eyes are closed but as James hold her wife’s waist hard and tried to push it’s cock inside ,it’s getting lot of bruises and feeling too aroused as well as excited ,I fucked her hard and so her shouts panicked me

“uh it’s tearing my cunt ,for god sake leave my vagina” but my long thick penis is moving fast on a busy traffic path and I am not showing any mercy to him as I can see her eyes full of tears but as my penis is getting hard time inside it ,now I am sure I am fucking a virgin gal and my hard penetration is making her feel horny as she is screaming in pleasure with pain “uh it’s hurting James ,now it’s cumming also ,so please “and I took out my long penis as blood sheds are on it ,now she put a night wear as she left room ,so I am waiting for Lisa to come but as she slept on bed I can see a tube in her I starts using gels on her hole as I pushed my long finger in it to make it wet as she have washed her vagina.

So I knelt again as I put my cock in her hole and as I starts fucking her hard with speed ,she is in joy and I leaned on her top as I am fucking her with lot of energy and after 7-8 minutes of fuck ,I poured semen in Lisa’s cunt. So I put my Bermuda on waist and walked out….my wife lost her virginity……

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