Experience at G B Road

A few years ago, I was in 2nd year of BTech. I was 19 years old. Anyone would know that BTech is extremely frustrating. I was similarly frustrated and angry with my choice. I wanted to just vent out my frustration. I was not very good at making friends, too.

But I had read quite a lot about venting frustration out through sex, and I had read about G B Road. I decided to try my luck. One day, I decided to bunk my afternoon lectures and visit the area instead, and I proceeded. Here I was at G B Road, a 19 year old: alone and a little scared. I was going to have sex without informing anyone.

I had already read up on others’ experiences and was prepared with only the necessary money, and headed to kotha 64. I paid and selected a slut, who must have been around 22-25. When we got inside the room, she asked me, “Kya karna hai?” (What do you want to do?) I said, “Poore maze uthaane hai” (I want to thoroughly enjoy you). She had removed her T-shirt and jeans.


I removed my shirt and vest, held her belly sideways and kissed her lips. She then unbuckled my belt, during which I felt a raging boner. She threw my belt away and also threw away my jeans. I was now only in my lucky black Jockey underwear, and socks, but didn’t remove them. I kept kissing her.

She broke away from my kissing and laid on the wooden bed. I arrived on top of her. She asked, “Chaddi nahi utaarni?” (don’t you want to remove your underwear?) and I simply silenced her by kissing her on her lips. I didn’t tell her that I had a fetish of having foreplay without removing my underwear. When she asked my name, I again kissed her and lied, “Shaurya”. I clutched her bra with my hands and rolled my nose at her forehead, down to her nose, dragged to her left cheek and kissed, released my left hand from her bra, while the right continued fondling her boob through her bra passionately, and smooched her lips while running my right hand on her stomach, dragging my nose & tongue together through her cleavage till navel, penetrating my index finger in her deep navel and finally sucking and kissing those beautiful boobs.

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During this foreplay, I felt so hard, I thought my dick would come bursting out of my underwear. I wanted to immediately bang her, but this being my first time, I also couldn’t stop myself from kissing her and exploring her body. I even went to the extent of licking her. I was becoming uncontrollable. I was confused. On one hand, I did not want to remove my underwear, because that would mean I would have to stop kissing her, pressing her cleavage and her ass. On the other, I wanted to bang her. She resolved my dilemma by touching my underwear. Ooh! The excitement I felt! She brought out two condoms. I was very horny and excited, so I kept kissing her lips, while simultaneously removing my underwear and putting the condoms on.

When I entered her, she was almost about to scream a little, but I immediately kissed hard on her lips. When she eased, I didn’t spare her. I vented out all my frustration. I banged her with quite some speed and quenched both her and my lust. She was moaning passionately. I came in nearly 20 minutes, and it was so satisfying! I was impressed with her moaning and performance. She came thrice. As soon as I came, I collapsed upon her.

She cleaned my dick, and I wore my underwear. She asked me to go, and I, who was almost falling in love with her, gently took her in my arms and reminded her, “Abhi thoda time baaki hai” and began kissing her. I was turned on again, but I did not remove my underwear this time. I dry humped her legs through my underwear, after which I again came and I messed my underwear up a little. After that, I dressed up and left.

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I hope to meet her soon for a nice banging session yet again.

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