An Exhibitionist Hot Wife Veena Ch. 01

“Let me know if I could be of any help to you, Rohan. Feel free to ping me anytime”, I said.

“Surely, Veena. I look forward to hanging out with you too.”


I realized there was no one else in the street. Good time to show my intentions, just so that there is no confusion going ahead. I went closer and hugged him, although the compound gate was separating us. But I made sure that I pressed my boobs onto his chest hard. I held him for about three seconds. I smiled, turned around and walked to our door. I waved to him once more as I shut the front door.

Until now, I wanted to come back home and masturbate. Now I was thinking of pushing the boundaries a little. Hence, I went upstairs, removed my jeans and panty. I took off my bra and put on a white tank top. I pulled it slightly down so that it showed ample cleavage. ‘Do I dare?’ I thought. ‘Yes, I do.’

Wearing just the top and my Mangal Sutra, I took the stairs to our roof. Ours is a suburbs kind of area. There were no buildings taller than four stories in our neighbourhood. Thankfully, there weren’t many middle-aged or old people in our locality. Since the fashion college is relatively near, most residents in our area were students.

I opened the door to the rooftop. Since it was dark, nothing much could be seen. Anyways, I would no longer care even if someone sees. That thought only fuelled my excitement. I dried the clothes that morning. Under the pretence of removing the clothes, I walked around, removing clothes from the wire, folded them and kept them in the basket. I was hoping Rohan would want another glimpse at me through the windows. Just at that moment, he appeared at the window on the first floor. He searched for me on the first floor and then looked up to check if I was anywhere. He found me and waved hi again. I waved back at him.

Since there was a parapet wall, he couldn’t detect that I wasn’t wearing anything below my torso. However, as I continued folding the washed clothes, his eyes were glued to my tits and my perfect milky white torso. He could see the yellow thread of my Mangal Sutra and the outline of the talisman inside my top. While doing the work, I deliberately jiggled my boobs. I could tell he was feasting on my bouncing tits, waiting for them to fall out of the top in all their glory. Occasionally, I would look at him and smile, and he would do the same. We didn’t talk.

Once I folded all the clothes, I started towards the stairs. I got to our bedroom, and I was horrified by what I saw. I left the window of the bedroom open, directly opposite to our neighbours. I froze for a second. He could now see my naked lower body. He could see my pussy and could probably tell it was wet.

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