Perfect birthday gift

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My gf’s sister is super hot. Her name is manisha. I Always wanted to fuck her and finally got the chance after my breakup. After breaking up with Sneha (my gf) , Manisha invited me to her birthday party. She had booked a airbnb. She told me that many of her friends are coming. She asked me to come at 8 pm.

I reached the place at 8:30. The main door was unlocked. I entered inside and moved towards the sofa. There was a chit lying on the sofa. It said the party is in the bedroom. I went to the bedroom and opened the door to see that the floor is covered rose petals and when I looked towards the bed and I saw Manisha lying on bed which was also covered with rose petals. She wearing a cute baby pink colour netted lingerie. Frock like netted see through top and a pink netted panties. She was playing with her hair and looking towards me with a naughty smile on her face. Where is everyone else I asked. It’s just only you and me tonight. Now give me my birthday gift , she said and pulled me on the bed and started kissing.

This is exactly what I wanted. We were kissing very . While Manisha started un buttoning my pant. She opened it and held my dick and started rubbing it. My dick was growing in her hands. It could barely fit in her hand. Her eyes lit up seeing my hard dick. “Can I taste it “ she asked looking into my eyes. Before I could say something she opened her mouth wide open and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it while rubbing my balls with her hand. She was using her tongue perfectly around my dick. My dick was drenched with her saliva after 6-7 gulps. She then took my ball in her mouth while rubbing my dick with her hands. I removed her top and started rubbing her tits. She then pulled her tongue out to lick my dick from bottom to top.

She was swirling her tongue on my dick. She was giving me a very sloppy blowjob. I was now time to taste her sweet pussy. I made her lay down and pulled her panties and placed her pussy right infront of face. I started licking the clit first and Manisha was cutely moaning. It was a very tight pussy. After licking the clit , I burried my tongue deep inside her and started licking the pussy from inside. Manisha was moaning continuously while holding my head.

After licking her pussy completely and tasting it from all the corner, it was now time to fuck Manisha. She was equally exited to take my dick in her tight pussy. She opened her legs wide open. I then held my dick and started rubbing it around her pussy making it ready to be pounded. I then gave a push and inserted half my dick in her pussy. She moaned looking into my eyes.

Then with the other push my dick was completely inside her pussy. She moaned very loudly. There was no stopping then , I pulled her closer to me and started fucking her. She was moaning in pleasure. She was continuously looking in my eyes while getting fucked. I started kissing her while fucking. But even a kiss couldn’t stop her from moaning , she stated to moan in my mouth while I was kissing her. I was fucking her very hard in missionary position. She then pushed me and made me lay down and climbed on my dick to jump on it while resting her hands on my chest. She was moving her ass perfectly on my dick. She then turned and came in 69 position.

And started sucking my dick placing her pussy on my mouth. I started licking her clit which was making it difficult for her to suck. I then made her sit in doggy style and started fucking her from back. I was holding her hair from one hand and spanking her ass with other. I was fucking the shot out of her. She was moaning very loudly. The room was filled with her loud moans , bed cranking sound and spanking sound. On looking the chemistry we had while fucked , I knew she would me to cum in her. So without asking her I came inside her. We both were completely sweaty and fully satisfied.

We decided to take a nap for sometime before going for another round.

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