Signe’s Math Study Group Gets Sexual

It was the second semester of my freshman year, at a college I shall not name, although people call it Cornell. I was in an advanced mathematics class, and all of the other students in it were juniors and seniors. Brilliant that I might have been, I was in over my head, so when Josh

Step siblings can’t deny their sexual attraction

Ben was sitting on the sofa with his step-sister Claire. Even though their parents were out of town for almost two weeks, they both ended up dateless on that first Friday night and were watching a movie together. Ben was home from his first year at college and Claire was back from her second year

A young woman becomes a gangbang slut for a black fraternity

Anonymous said: Can you write just a real good gangbang story? Maybe college? Maybe a desperate girl trying to get ahead. Maybe an in the family type thing? Focus on the gangbang and the pure degeneracy and darkness that it can bring. I’d love it. Jennifer Johnson said: I didn’t really see a believable way

Painfully shy couple take first tentative sexual steps

My parents got divorced when I was 8. My older sister wanted to stay with my Mum. Whilst, surprisingly for those times, I chose to live with my Dad. For a few years we muddled along together until, when I was 11, he met and moved in with his new partner, Jayne. It was, as

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21-year-old Kevin Burns nervously straightened his tie for the sixth time before checking his watch. 8:22 am He tried to shut out his tension by hearing the sounds around him from the cars driving back, horns honking, distinct chatter of those walking by and various vendors setting up their food and coffee carts. The young