Bengalee Film Queen 31

Episode : 31 ************ As Kader was leaving the Hotel Paradise, not pleased by the way after that incident from about five minutes ago. He realised that he should watch the people in Tollygunge more carefully because he think Nilay is a great guy…. helping him to select the right person. Moreover Nilay was under

Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses

Chapter 1 Situation My name is Robert, and I am a writer of fiction stories and novels. My wife, Bethany, who, at 28, is a year older than I am, was a college classmate. We dated for a few years, and then I proposed. Beth and I have been married for 3 years. Beth is

Husband finds wife cheating, but makes her lover his too

“It all started out so innocently,” my wife said to me. With both kids back in school, she had more time to herself. She signed up for a gym membership and went a few times per week. That morning she had come back from a sweaty workout. Home alone, she took a shower. Shortly after

Extreme measures to get pregnant lead to hot new fetish

Sally was staring into her coffee trying to sort out what she wanted to do next. She was at a truck stop at the edge of town that she had barely known existed a few weeks ago. Though it was pretty big, with a large diner and even showers available for the long-haulers, it just

Fur Fucks Sake – Al’s wildest night ever began with a knock on the door…

Counter-intuitive as it may sound, closing time was Al’s favorite time of the day . Though not for any of the obvious reasons. Not because he was eager to finish work and head home, nor because he was looking forward to throw back a few beers with colleagues or friends after hours. No, it was

Wife and lover push husband beyond the breaking point

My wife Patricia, Pat to her friends and family, strode confidently into the den where I was trying to watch Clemson get the shit kicked out of them by Alabama’s Tide. She was twenty years younger than me and built like the proverbial “Brick Shithouse.” “What are you doing with that junk?’ she asked. It

Getting a child with help of neighbours with hubby permission

Me and my husband were married for for last two years but did not have a child. His interest in sex was reducing day by day after the first year. When I asked my husband to get me child as early as possible he said “what can I do it is not in my hand.

Signe’s Math Study Group Gets Sexual

It was the second semester of my freshman year, at a college I shall not name, although people call it Cornell. I was in an advanced mathematics class, and all of the other students in it were juniors and seniors. Brilliant that I might have been, I was in over my head, so when Josh

Cheating Mom Fucked By Neighbor Uncle

Mom is the first lady in our life. What happens when you get to see the wild and sexual side of your mom? Hold on your breath and read this story that will go down your spine. Ours is an upper-middle-class family in Delhi. My dad is a government servant and visits home bi-weekly on

Step siblings can’t deny their sexual attraction

Ben was sitting on the sofa with his step-sister Claire. Even though their parents were out of town for almost two weeks, they both ended up dateless on that first Friday night and were watching a movie together. Ben was home from his first year at college and Claire was back from her second year

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