Getting a child with help of neighbours with hubby permission

Me and my husband were married for for last two years but did not have a child. His interest in sex was reducing day by day after the first year. When I asked my husband to get me child as early as possible he said “what can I do it is not in my hand. You can find some one to have child if you want it urgently”. I understood that he wasn’t joking.

We were watching more porn videos together specifically gangbang and cuckold videos rather than having actual intercourse. He told me that he was loosing interest so you can do with any other guy to get a child I don’t have any issues with that. Even though he gave me permission to fuck with other guy my mind didn’t digest this suggestion. Time passed away and my mind started thinking this possibility. But how and where to find a safe person? Suddenly I remembered my college roommate she was a bitch used to always say that Soft guys are the Safest guys. There was a very soft guy in my neighbour villa living with child and wife we so intimate family friends come to each others villa any time.

I decided to take a chance and started going wearing very low neck nighty without any thing inside to his villa when he was alone to play with his child. I used to bend down to the maximum so he can have a good visibility of my milky white boobs.

He started the habit of watching my boobs. One day when he was very close to me I just caught him and asked “what are looking? I was observing” he said nothing. I said ” if you don’t tell the truth i have to inform this to your wife” now he said ” please don’t tell to her” I said “then tell me do you want to suck it?” he was shocked.

He was a tall guy with lean body and dark brown skin tone. I was milky fair short and cute married girl. Now I pulled down the zipper of the nighty and said him to touch it. He put his hands inside the nighty and feeling both the boobs with his hand. Then he took out boob and sucked it. I felt wetness in my pussy. He sucked for next 15 minutes in standing position. I came down unzipped and removed his shorts and unleashed his dick it was dark and long not as thick as in porn videos. I pealed the foreskin upward the dick head was pinkish brown. My mouth watered I immediately took it in and sucked like a bitch in porn movies. He was in heaven now I increased the speed within next ten minutes he reached climax and pumped in my mouth and all over my face.

I removed my nighty and thrown away and become full nude in front of my neighbour. Then I I sat on the edge of the sofa and layed on my back. Now lifted my legs and spread it wide open so as my pussy and ass both are visible. He started licking my milky white thighs and moved inwards and reached the pussy.

Now he kept his mouth over there and start licking it. I was in heaven he was licking it more deeply and sucking the clit occasionally. He inserted his tounge in side the ass hole and licked till clit. He was licking the clit so fast while his finger fucked my pussy very fast and another hand was squeezed the nipple. I was in seven heaven and I felt something is filling my bladder. Suddenly I squirt a lot of juice on his face. He became so happy and fingered fast and made me to squirt few more times. Then folded my legs upwards and inserted his dick and started fucking me. He increased the speed of pumping in few minutes. The wet pussy was feeling soo good in an extramarital intercourse. After few minutes he completed his ride he could last only a couple of minutes more than my husband. He took out the dick and sprayed his cum on my boobs. I shouted “why you have wasted the sperm? You could have helped me getting a child”. The he came came close to me and kissed my lips and said “you should know something, I myself hired father’s cousin to make his wife pregnant”. I was shocked by his reply.

Now he started to tell about his uncle kumar. ” He was play boy during his young age he fucked many ladies of various age. He fall in love with a beautiful brahmin girl and married her. Unfortunately he became a widower in less than five years. When he came to my house I expressed my inability to give a child to my wife. So he told if my wife can cooperate I can make he pregnant. I convinced my wife to fuck him. He came along with his close friend and friend and fucked my wife infront of me and gave her a child.”

I asked ” but why he and his friend?” He replied “always two is better than one, if one person fails other can give result”.

Now I was thinking how to get connected with his uncle. Suddenly he phone ringed. He talked and said “quick wear your nighty and act normal”. I understood that some one came to home. He opened the door and welcomed two men aged around forty five. He introduced him as uncle kumar who was looking exactly like my neighbour and other person his friend salman. And asked them to go upstairs to refresh and take rest salman moved up. But the intelligent uncle kumar was smelling something and he came closer sofa and smelled it and said “something is wrong what was going on between you two? You cannot hide anything from me” he said my neighbour girl didn’t have child for 2 years I was trying to help her. Uncle kumar laughed and came to me and said “for his own wife we only gave child” and added” If you can co operate with us we can get you a child in less than three months”.

Now my neighbour interrupted and said “she is very shy and orthodox type girl she will not agree for this” and immediately turned to me and said “you said you have work you can leave now”. Now I turned towards uncle kumar and said ” I can do anything and I am ready”.

Uncle kumar was taller and thicker than my neighbour slightly bald in front little bit more darker with a hairy body. With his large one hand he caught my face cheek from the jaw my lips bulged out he kissed on my lips and sucked my lips and my tongue drinking my saliva. He removed my nighty and found that I was full nude inside immediately took both my boobs and pressed it hard and sucked it. Now my neighbour sat on the large sofa uncle kumar told me to sit between his legs and lay back on him and I did. From behind my neighbour stretched his hands and reached my thigh and lifted my legs upwards to expose my pussy and ass wide open in the air at the edge of the sofa. Now uncle kumar said “beautiful, milky white skinned girl with nice dark lipped pussy” he entered his tongue deep inside it while his fingers rubbed the clitoris very fast.

My pussy started flowing with transparent liquid. Suddenly I felt something filling my vaginal bladder and it busted out with a huge load of liquid into his mouth and and on his head. Now he took out his large dick I was astonished by it’s size this is the largest dick I have taken. He applied some oil on it and started fucking my pussy it was large smooth and thrilling. He increased the speed. Now his friend salman khan came down and saw this immediately he became nude and put his dick in my mouth I sucked it, it was growing in my mouth I happily sucked it was not as big as uncle kumar.

The fucking got faster and faster at one point I could not control and squirted he slowed down a bit and continued after another ten minutes he released his large amount of cum after a long period into my vagina and stayed there for couple of minutes in the same position. He took out his dick now salman khan started fucking me. I was very eager to suck his dick he came close to me but I was shocked that my neighbour interrupted and took it in to his mouth and sucked it. Uncle kumar said “this is how we do with his wife” I thought that my neighbour s wife is so lucky to have allowed to enjoy three dicks at a time by his husband in front of him. After sucking by my neighbour uncle kumar dick became larger again now my neighbour took it from his mouth and put it in my mouth I sucked the saliva flowing large dick. By this time salman khan reached his maximum speed I felt so pleasurable one dick in my mouth and another in my pussy mean while my neighbour massaging my boobs from behind. In few minutes we all reached the end of the show.

I went home and said to my hubby I will fuck with neighbour for want of child if you are not cooperating. He laughed loud and said I and the neighbour fucked his wife to make her impregnate but failed. So we had to hire his uncle kumar. Uncle kumar was a very nice person his wife was so beautiful during the College day me and neighbour do her infront of him he enjoys watching. He is very trustworthy person so if you want you can have sex with him.

My hubby invited uncle kumar to our house he came along with his friend and fucked me in front of my hubby while he enjoyed watching. This continued once in every two week for the last few years. Uncle kumar stays one day in our house and another day in neighbour house. Now I have two child.

I am a luckiest wife that husband allow me to have maximum enjoyment with any one I like.

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