Wife turned call girl

I am Manjula, wife of Bhaskar. I was married to Bhaskar at my age 23. Bhaskar is working as a Customer service Manager in a star hotel in Bangalore. After marriage I came to Bangalore to live with Bhaskar. I came to Bangalore with lot of dreams about colourful city life with all comforts.
I was not a working lady. Bhaskar had limited salary. Expenses in Bangalore city were on higher side. So we had to struggle to make both ends meet. In fact his salary was not at all enough for us to lead reasonably comfortable life. So I was thinking of picking up some job which I could do. But getting a job was not easy with my just pass marks in all classes.

Bhaskar had the duty to make arrangements for all kind of services the guests ask. Some guests were asking for girls. He had tie up with few call girls like college students and working ladies. He was calling them and showing to the guests whenever they were asking. It was going on smoothly for many years.
Of late, some guests were asking for married housewives with good background. And it was very difficult for Bhaskar to arrange. Once a guest told him,

” You must get me a young married lady tonight. Whatever be the price, i don’t mind. But she should be extremely beautiful.”
Bhaskar did not know what to do. At the last moment he asked me, ” can u come to my hotel and sleep with the guest today?”
First I did not agree. but after his persuasion I also thought favourably and finally agreed. If i could earn good money, It was fine for us to improve our living standards.
I went to the hotel. Bhaskar presented me before the guest. On seeing me, the guest was so happy. Bhaskar took 30K from him and left me there for one night.
The guy was young and handsome. i also liked him. I enjoyed with him as he wanted for entire night. He fucked me total 5 times in that night. I became a call girl.
Thereafter I started volunteering my sex services to the needy hotel guests. I became a regular prostitute there.
Now I am on demand not only from that hotel, but also from few other hotels. Most of them are star hotels and one is non-star . I get not less than 20 calls in a month. In star hotels I earn 10K to 20K for full night and 5k for 2 hours sex service. In the non-star hotel I get 3k for short service(2 hours), and i may get multiple calls also on the same day. Now we are financially very sound. Our standard of living has gone up. On getting calls from hotels I go there driving my own Honda car. I wear costly dress, including my bra and pantie or thong.
I am happy with my life style though I am a prostitute by profession now.

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