Wanted to fuck mom

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My name is Ram and I am 19 years old. I am studying in college. My sister Janani is doing her graduation and is 22 years of age. My mom is 39 years old and looks gorgeous. Her name is Swetha. My father Venkat is 45 years old and working as a project manager in an IT company. We are four in our family.

Let me come to the story. I was a normal guy. I had a friend named Siddhu. We called him Sid. And he was staying like 4 or 5 blocks away from my home. He used to take drinks, but I was not sure how he kept those a secret in his home. He had local guys as friends who had returned from jail.

Once we were playing cricket and I was a fielder. There was a guy named Akil who hit the ball and ran. I caught the ball and threw it, which was a direct hit. Then I claimed the wicket, but he was not agreeing and later, it escalated and he started to hit me. That was when my friend Sid got involved and asked why he was beating me. Sid made him run his way. That was how we became friends.

We have both joined the same college. I usually visit his house, and we usually have long talks in the evenings. He used to smoke weed and spend time talking.

Once while the talk went on, the topic of sex started. I was shy to talk about it, but he started by saying many girls in our class look sexy. And from then, he started to narrate the teachers, especially our Math teacher, Steffi.

He started to play some porn movies and we watched them together for a while until we started to watch a young guy fucking a mature woman. It was so horny for me, and he started to talk about fucking MILFs. But I never had any sort of experience.

Suddenly, Sid’s mother, Jennifer, called us for tea in the evening. It was almost 6:30 pm when I went to the hall behind my friend and sat on the sofa. Sid was really high and he was just talking some rubbish while his mom brought us tea. I had seen her before, but after watching some porn, my mind was corrupted and I was ogling at her body.

Then I took the tea and drank it, had some snacks, and went back to Sid’s room. I asked him about the porn again. He started to play some and started to smoke some weed also. I was also curious to see how it would be to smoke weed.

Then I asked him for one and he gave me one. When I tried to inhale, I was stuck and started to calf like hell. He started to laugh and I was hit hard, just in a drowsy way. I started to watch porn and was so high that I started to ask my friend if he had any sexual feelings for his mother. He was not having any such thoughts and when we started watching porn movies with mom and son, we started playing and started watching for an hour. We were both horny and started to discuss our moms.

Sid was bold and said that he would try to implement his desire. We started to plan how we could start it. I playfully asked if we could make his mom smoke weed and we could try to hit her. He stared at me, so I thought he was a little bit pissed off when I said that. Then I apologized to him and asked what he would do when he got a chance. And he started to narrate that he would kiss her, touch her, hug her, and stop, as his mom called in to ask if I was going to be there for some more time to prepare food.

I said that I was going home and started to ride my bike back home. Then I reached home and I was still high when my mom opened the door. It was like an angel ringing bells in my head. For the first time, my eyes saw the beauty of my mother. I was really hungry and asked for food as my mom started to prepare it for me.

It was 8:00 pm and my mom was serving food to me. She was standing close to me and I could feel her scent. It was making me so horny. She was wearing a violet saree, where her side breast was seen.

I started to see my mom’s boobs and navel. I had my food and went to my room. I was somewhat normal, so I thought of the porn videos and started to play them. Then I started to think of myself and my mother while naked and locking my door. I masturbated 5 times while thinking of my mother before falling asleep that night.

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