Stranger became my servant and sex partner

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My name is sulthan, age 39, my wife Sharmi, age 33, we are very lovely couple with one child, she is studying in a boarding school at a Hill Station, I am well built and active in sports activities and normal in sex, my wife Sharmi is so beautiful, having sexy figures and good complexion, lemon color, we have good sex life, I used to have sex twice a week, I used to watch porn and read sex stories in tamil and English languages.

I am interested in reading incest and cuckold stories; I am very much fascinating to read cuckold stories. While watching porn movies I used to select good physiched actors with beautiful face. While watching porn movies I had a fantacy and this gives me more errection and satisfaction, which is, my wife is fucked by a well built bull, I am keeping it as a secret. Things turns in to good and pleasant when my secret revealed to my wife and come true.

The happenings as follows; One day my self and my wife were returning from our native in Train, where we met an youngster, stranger, his name is Raja, age 25, who was looking slim, brownish color with decent face, he was standing shy in the station expecting someone to help, he did not ask anyone for help but I noted his plight and voluntarily asked him, what was happened and whether he need any help and then he narrated that he was coming from his native to the town for search of job and slept in the train and when he awake and knew that his luggage were stolen including his cell phone, purse and educational certificates. It seems that his words are true and hence I asked him to come with me and promised him to help him.

That time my wife chided me that she is not trusting his words and also said if I found his words are true then I have to give him some money and sent him to his native. But that boy Raja was attracting me somehow, his face and expressions reminds me a person close to me. Therefore I asked my wife to keep cool and take him with us and reached home in my car.

After reaching my house I arranged him shelter at my house and immediately asked my friend to enquire about his native and learnt that his words are true and he studied Engineering graduation at distinction. I used my influence and get him back the duplicate certificates and gave it to him and handed him some money, asked him to search for a job and go. Raja suddenly fell down to my feet and touched my feet and told me that he won’t go anywhere and requested me to give him a job in my company, at first my wife not interested in joining him into my company. I persuaded her.

He was good worker and perfectionist in many aspects, he planned and executed and got job works for our company and increased the business of our company, after his joining my company profit goes high.

My wife also appreciating his work and he slowly earned good name with my wife. My wife and he were working as a team for the next project and this is the special moment of our life, because that gives a turn around in our life and he comes in as a sexual partner to me and my wife and stayed with us for the entire life.

The interesting lines are; One day my wife Sharmi gone to native for attending a marriage, so that day I and Raja were alone at the home, he said that he wanted to go out for watching a movie and asked me to accompany. I also went along with him, that movie was bore and no big audience I got to go for urination so I went to rest room and he also followed me. Both of us were standing next urinals and were pissing at that time accidentally I stared at his cock and shocked and amazed that it was like a porn star’s cock, it is 7 inches in normal size and 4 inches width, black in color with foreskin on the head of the cock, he noticed me seeing his cock crazily, he slowly pushed his foreskin and smiling at me and shaking his cock and a drop of urin was at the edge of his cock, he touched his cock head and pushed up his foreskin and touched the drop of urine and applied it all over the cock head, and his cock head was dark red color like a big rose bud, I was so envy on him for having such a big gorgeous cock, heavy balls, he smiled at me and seen my cock, it was appears normal in size and smaller than his big cock.

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