Stranger became my servant and sex partner

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Both our bodies were entwined with each other and his body warmness sparked my sexual desires and I voluntarily go down to his lap and playing with his cock and it was oozing with pre come. I applied his pre- come over his bulpuous head and kissed it and slowly sucking its head only and his head was so big so I could not take more than the head, he slowly fucking my mouth with his huge cock, I am fighting for my breath and he take his cock from my mouth and again pushed it deep into my mouth and four inches of his cock entered my mouth and reached my throat and he slowly fucking me in a rythem like that of fucking a girl, he was moaning with pleasure and I was sucking him with eager and he thrusted his cock into my mouth and throat, nearly 15 minutes I sucked him and he was getting hard and panting with pleasure and said that he is going to cum and I sucked him deep and suddenly his sperms burst into my mouth and it tasted like palm juice with salty and sour taste, I tasted it and swallowed it without spilling any drop.

He kissed me deep and hugged me deep. Our bodies were covered wih sweating. Thereafter we took our dinner and we were shy to face each other. We were watching cricket for some time and he said he is going to upstairs for sleep and I said ok and then he left to upstairs and slammed the door.


Thereafter I was thinking that am I committed a mistake that shook my conscience. Thereafter I talked to my wife over phone and resting on my bed and then I received SMS from him and he messaged me that am I not interested on him or was he not satisfied me and said his cock is ready again to poke my mouth or ass and that I was curious to see his cock again and what would happen if he poke his cock into my ass and fucked me, that feeling gives me spark and I asked him to come down to my bed room, he came in shorts and he passionately kissed my mouth and sucked my chest nipples and lick all over my chest and navel and sucked my cock and my cock get aroused and become so hard and he sucked me for five minutes and asked me to fuck his ass and I said I don’t have such experience and he sucked me for another two minutes and I lost my control and fucked his face and cum all over his face.

He licked my cum and grip my waist and pull me near him, he pressed my buttocks and caressed it like kneeding Aatta for chappathi and he slowly put his index finger into my anus and tickle it around my anus rims and spit on my ass and applied the spit all our my ass and slowly open the ass and inserted his index finger into my ass and finger fucked me for a minute thereafter he licked my ass like a dog and oiled it with his saliva and he put some honey into my ass and lick my ass for five minutes and it gave me great feeling and pleasure, he put some coconut oil into the ass and put his two fingers and fucked me for five minutes and my ass is covered with his saliva, honey and coconut oil and his cock was so erect and he asked me to suck.

I sucked his big cock for five minutes and he bent me down and tried to insert his cock into my ass it was little pain in my ass his cock head only went into my ass he tried to ease it with some oil and slowly and steadily inserted his cock inch by inch and slowly and forcibly inserted his enire 9 inches deep into my ass, he was so big and full into my ass, suddenly he withdrew his cock from my ass and slowly and steadily fucking me with rythem, I get a good feeling when he inserted and withdraw his tool he slowly fucking me and yelling like ah, ah, aah, so good baby, ur ass is so nice and tight bro, I want to fuck you deep, I always wants to do this for you, and nearly 15 minutes he fucked me in doggy position and suddenly withdrew his cock from my ass and move towards my mouth and asked me to suck, his cock was so red and coated with oil and my ass fluid, it smells good and I again suck his cock and he fucked my mouth for five minutes and suddenly withdrew again from my mouth and laid me on my back and placed two pillows below my buttocks and again mounted me and inserted his thick shaft into my virgin ass and I was feeling well and he got furious and ferocious and I was shocked when he calling my wife’s name, Sharmi I want to fuck you like this, I want to fuck deep into your vagina, mouth and ass infront of your hubby, my brother, Sulthan, common baby I fuck you deep and this brings shock and happiness to me, because I wanted to cuckold my wife with a bull, here is the perfect bull, whose stamina and cock size is so perfect and will fulfill my wife’s desire and inviting juicy vagina, on hearing his yelling I again get erect and he pulled my cock and cum into my ass hole and sought apology for using my wife’s name and asked as to whether I would mind, I immediately told him that it was the moment I love to have in my life. He kissed my mouth and we were entwined like greedy snakes and curled on the bed.

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