Stranger became my servant and sex partner

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The interesting lines are; One day my wife Sharmi gone to native for attending a marriage, so that day I and Raja were alone at the home, he said that he wanted to go out for watching a movie and asked me to accompany. I also went along with him, that movie was bore and no big audience I got to go for urination so I went to rest room and he also followed me. Both of us were standing next urinals and were pissing at that time accidentally I stared at his cock and shocked and amazed that it was like a porn star’s cock, it is 7 inches in normal size and 4 inches width, black in color with foreskin on the head of the cock, he noticed me seeing his cock crazily, he slowly pushed his foreskin and smiling at me and shaking his cock and a drop of urin was at the edge of his cock, he touched his cock head and pushed up his foreskin and touched the drop of urine and applied it all over the cock head, and his cock head was dark red color like a big rose bud, I was so envy on him for having such a big gorgeous cock, heavy balls, he smiled at me and seen my cock, it was appears normal in size and smaller than his big cock.

A dirty thought goes viral in my mind and my mouth was watering and wanting to suck his cock, he suddenly touched my cock and squeazed it like masterbatting and said in low voice that do you like my cock and I was awe stuck then so I was speechless and then he took my hands and put it on his big cock and it was heavy and hot and I caressed his cock it was getting hard and arching towards the roof like an arrow and it reached its full size of 9 inches and then we heard noise of others coming into the rest room and suddenly we covered ourselves and gone into the theatre.


The theatre was so dark, I moving ahead of him and he came behind and gripped me in a dark place and kissed in my ear and said you are so nice sir, if you want to taste my cock, I am ready now and he pull my hands and placed them on his big cock and then a sudden thought goes into my mind that as my wife was not in the house I asked him to take the vehicle to home, on the way to home he was driving the two wheeler and I was sitting behind and my hand rested on his crotch and then he asked me to grab his cock and caressed it. I asked him to be patient for little while and we reached our home and no body was there in my house except him and me. I closed the doors and immediately he hugged me tight and kissed me on the lips and his kisses were so hot and passionate and he undressed me and himself and we were totally nude in our house and he was half feet taller and slim than me.

He took my cock and caressed it and kneeled down infront of me and kissed my cock and sucked it like a professional cock sucker and I was feeling so happy and he sucked for 3 minutes and also pressing my buttocks and caressed my chest and I was in seventh heaven and suddenly my cock became so hard and burst my sperm into his mouth and he tasted it and engulped all my cum and swallowed it. We lay there on the bed and then he asked me to take care of his cock and I had seen that his cock was so hard and erect to its full size and veins of his cock was thick and his cock head was heavy and having a mushroom like bulpous head, and I voluntarily grabbed his cock and squeezed and caressed it. I was playing with his cock and said his wife would be so lucky and proud for having a big cock and then he kissed my lips and hugged me tight like a lover hugging his virgin girl friend.

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