Slow Seduction of My Indian Mother

Slow Seduction of My Indian Mother, I still remember the moment when everything changed.

Unusually for me I needed to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. I felt slightly annoyed at having forgotten to go before I went to sleep. I’m a creature of habit and routine and this was out of the ordinary.

As I opened my bedroom door and looked towards the bathroom in the gloom I saw my mother walking away from the toilet to her bedroom. I was surprised when I saw that her nightie had bunched up and was tucked into her white panties. I realised that she must have been in a rush in going to the toilet and then back to bed. I could clearly see my mother’s long brown legs and the outline of her bottom. It was the first time I had ever seen my mother in just her panties and I couldn’t get the picture out of my mind all night and for the next few days.

They say every boy fantasises about his own mother but I didn’t. I didn’t think about girls at all. My parents were born in India but I was born in UK. I was brought up to think of relationships outside of marriage as shameful. Marriage was something that your parents arrange for you when you finish your studies. Sex was never talked about only alluded to as something necessary for children.

My parents were loving but strict. They thought that the only way to success was through education so anything that distracted from studies – girls, cars, booze etc – was bad and should be avoided. They would, however, buy anything I wanted to show their love and always gushed when they found out I had done well in an exam. It was drummed into me from an early age – studies then marriage then kids then retirement. Forget about girlfriends and anything else.

My parents had an arranged marriage in their mid-20’s so at the time of this story they were in their 40’s. My mother was tall for an Indian girl, at 5’6”, and had long legs. From old photos I knew she had been slim when younger but age and having a child meant that she had filled out to a UK size 12-14. She had light-medium brown skin and straight black hair that went to the middle of her back. Her stomach was relatively flat and her breasts were a nice handful. She wasn’t skinny but she wasn’t fat either. She had good skin and a lovely smile. Try and imagine a slightly taller Rani Mukerji.

I was middle class and went to an all-boys College. Yes, my friends joked about being with girls but in reality none of us had girlfriends; we were all far too geeky. I was a virgin but I wasn’t embarrassed about it. As I said, sex wasn’t something I thought about. The moment of seeing my mother’s panties was the most female nudity I had ever seen in real life and it happened when I was 18. From then on everything changed and I couldn’t help but think of my mother in a different light. I couldn’t help but think about sex.

At first I felt disgusted and perverted thinking of my mother in a sexual way but over the days and weeks I became more accustomed to it. Every other moment, I found myself thinking of her legs, bottom and breasts. I imagined what she would look like fully naked.

To my shame, I found myself masturbating thinking of my mother. On one occasion, I was naked in my bed masturbating thinking of my mother slowly stripping in front of me. I imagined her asking me to fuck her hard. I imagined myself screwing her doggystyle. I ejaculated under the sheets just as I heard my door open.

“Beta [son] do you need an extra blanket?” my mother asked.

“No, I’m fine Mum,” I said weakly.

My mother left the room but I noticed an odd expression on her face and couldn’t help wondering if she had seen the tent my hard cock had made in my duvet. I was thankful she had not come in a few minutes earlier and seen me stroking. My mother washed my sheets and underwear but she never made any mention of semen stains. She must have noticed but sex was so taboo maybe she was too embarrassed to say anything?

This may sound sick but I even fantasised about my mother catching me masturbating. I often thought about the tie she nearly came in on me stroking and got excited imagining she came in earlier. I wished I had the courage to show my mother my penis.

Over the following days and weeks I found myself trying to get closer to my mother and touch her at every opportunity. She was normally covered up at home – in a long dressing robe, long western trousers/blouse or a sari – so I never saw much of her body but just being in her presence, smelling her perfume and touching her made me excited.

As I was her son, my mother tolerated my touches and just thought I was being affectionate and playful. She noticed that my behaviour had changed and she did comment that I was going through a naughty phase but she laughed it off and didn’t take much notice of me.

On occasion, when for example I tried to hug her for a bit too long, she would tell me off for getting in her way. Though I thought sexually about dominating my Mother (her being on her knees etc) she was still much older than me and I was scared about upsetting her or her telling my Dad I was being naughty. This would normally make me back off and lie low for a few days before I would resume my antics of trying to be affectionate.

My mother was the only female I had any regular contact with. I was curious about women. I couldn’t help it, I had never thought of sex but seeing my mother’s body had made me continually horny.

Then one day things changed.


It was a Saturday evening and my father was abroad with work and not flying back until the Sunday. It was like any other Saturday in that I had spent most of the day studying. It was a warm day so I decided to have a shower before dinner. Our shower is a bathtub with a shower attachment rather than a walk in unit.

It was whilst I was in the shower that my thoughts again drifted to my mother. I couldn’t help thinking about her firm breasts and her big ass and found myself begin to get hard as I soaped myself.

I don’t mean to brag but, for an Indian, I have always thought that I have a big penis. It is a good 7-7.5 inches when fully erect and quite thick. When I have seen my college friends in the changing rooms they have been much smaller than me. I always thought it was a shame that I didn’t know any girls to try my tool on!

I began to tug on my cock as I thought of my mother stripping for me and showing herself to me. I imagined her getting on her knees and then I would begin to guide my penis into her warm wet mouth. My mother would then bend over and show me her pussy. I imagined myself pointing my penis at her bottom. As I tugged my penis I felt my pelvis thrust as I imagined stroking my cock into her love hole. It was then that I felt my foot slide from underneath me.

There was loud crash as I hit the floor of the bathtub. My initial thought was ‘fuck!’ and I felt pain in my legs and back. My next thought was embarrassment as I realised how stupid I had been to get carried away in the shower and fall over. This was compounded when I heard the bathroom door open.

“Beta [son], what was that?”

“Nothing Mum, nothing…” I said as I quickly grabbed the towel by the side of the tub and used it to hide my privates from my mother.

“I heard a bang. Are you ok?” my mother said as she entered the bathroom.

I saw my mother survey the room, see the shower still running and then see me lying on my bum on the bathtub still covered in soap. She must have realised I had fallen over. I noticed my mother was wearing her western style trousers and a blouse.

My Mum walked to the tub and turned the shower off. I could see that she was concerned.

“Are you hurt?” she asked me.

“No, I’m fine.” I said as I tried to get up. I could move but I was a bit bruised and winced as I tried to stand up.

“Stay there,” my mother said putting a hand on my bare shoulder to stop me rising. “You can still move so nothing is broken but you must be bruised. You’re covered in soap. I’ll help you finish your shower and then make your dinner. Be more careful you don’t slip next time.”

I didn’t reply and saw my mother move to pick up the shower hose again. She turned it back on and water began to squirt from it.

“Move the towel,” my mother said as she tested the water with her finger to see if is warm.

“Mum, I can wash myself,” I pleaded. Although I had fantasised about showing my mother my penis, now it might actually happen made me feel really embarrassed to be naked in front of my mother.

“Hurry up, you’ll catch a cold. I’ve seen you nanga [naked] before when you were little,” mother said with her voice becoming sterner.

“Yes I know but I’m not little anymore,” I pleaded with her.

“You’ll always be little to me,” Mum said and she reached over and pulled the towel from me as she directed water to begin to wash the soap from my chest.

As my towel was removed I saw my mother’s eyes widen as she saw my cock. I was only semi hard at this point but it was still a good 5-6 inches long. I could see my mother pretending she hadn’t noticed and wasn’t surprised at my size as she squirted water on me and used her hand to rub the soap out of my skin.

My wash carried on for a few minutes. It felt so good feeling my mother’s soft hands rubbing my head, arms and chest. As she washed me I found myself looking at her breasts jiggle and I found myself getting excited and horny.

“Move forward now,” my mother said.

I slowly lifted up and moved forward in the tub giving my mother access to my back. She began to soap my back starting at the top of my shoulders and working down my lats. I then felt her hands touch my bottom and I could’ve sworn that I felt a squeeze though it was over in a moment. Her touch was so soft against me. Her hands moved away and I felt warm water from the hose hit me.

“Lay back now and I’ll do your legs,” my mother said.

I leant back against the end of the bathtub and extended my legs. My mother began to soap me from my feet working her way up my legs. I had got over the initial shock of being naked with my mother and now realised that being naked with her may be an opportunity.

“Mum, I want to tell you something but I’m embarrassed,” I said. I tried to make my voice sound as innocent as possible.

“What’s the matter beta [son]?” my mother asked as she concentrated on rubbing my thighs.

“It hurts a bit here,” I said and I made a gesture towards my crotch.

My Mum looked where I had pointed and I could see she was surprised. She had avoided looking at my crotch directly whilst she washed me but couldn’t know as I pointed to it. I was still not fully hard but my penis stuck out long and thick. My purple head was beginning to poke out of my foreskin. I knew my mother could see I was slightly aroused.

“It felt so good when you rubbed my back and legs. Will you rub there?” I asked my mother. I made my voice sound slightly quiet as if I was asking my mother for an innocent hug or some money to buy a sweet from the shop.

My mother didn’t reply but I felt the warm water of the shower hose move up from my legs towards my crotch. I then saw my mother’s pretty brown fingers begin to rub up my thighs towards my crotch area.

I have black curly pubic hair above and slightly around my penis and I felt my mother begin to soap it and then rinse it with the water. Gently my mother worked around the top of my thighs and the top of my pubic hair. She then moved to gently soap and rinse my balls. All the while I felt blood begin to pour into my penis and me beginning to harden with her touch.

After what seemed like an age I finally felt her fingers touch my cock. At first a gentle finger before more and more skin touched and rubbed my penis. The base of my penis became soapy with my mother’s hand as she struggled to wrap her grip about my thick base. I had been fantasising about this for weeks and I couldn’t believe it was happening.

My mother stroked me with a slow deliberate stroked, starting from the base of my cock and working up to the tip. Then she would release her grip on my cock and stroke my balls or the base for a moment before returning to my penis. It occurred to me that she was really rubbing my whole crotch area rather than giving me a handjob. Nonetheless, for someone who had zero practical experience of sexual activity, it felt incredible

“Do you feel better now, son?” Mum asked me caringly.

“That feels really good Mum,” I said.

I meant it. It felt incredible. My mother didn’t speak again but I could see her looking at my cock and her brows were furrowed concentrating on giving my whole crotch area a rub. My penis was fully hard and I could see little drops of pre-cum on the purple head. I could smell my Mum’s perfume and also a little perspiration from her as she built up a sweat rubbing me down. It was getting too much for me.

“A bit harder please Mum,” I asked. I felt so horny.

My mother didn’t reply but I felt her hands rub my balls a bit firmer, release and then I felt her fingers grip my cock tighter. I felt a much rougher and more vigorous tug on my cock shaft. I could feel my mother’s fist bounce against my balls lightly on her down stroke. The soap suds were really beginning to foam around my penis with her movements. It was incredible and I wanted it to last but I couldn’t hold my semen from rising.

I felt my ass clench on the bathtub as the cum rose from my balls.

“Uhh…Mum…ugh,” I managed to get out as a warning but it was too much for me to say much more.

Cum erupted from my penis like a rocket. It was thick and white and shot up. Panic hit me as I saw it splutter onto my mother’s hand and drops hit her white blouse, face and hair. I saw surprise on my mother’s face indicate that she was not expecting me to cum. Her hand, however, continued to stroke my cock, pumping every squirt of cum out of me.

My orgasm subsided and my mother released her grip on my penis. Her blouse and trousers were stained and so was her face with semen. I could see an angry expression on her features as she looked at her ruined clothes. ‘Oh shit,’ I thought. I was in trouble.

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