Wanted to fuck mom

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I said that I was going home and started to ride my bike back home. Then I reached home and I was still high when my mom opened the door. It was like an angel ringing bells in my head. For the first time, my eyes saw the beauty of my mother. I was really hungry and asked for food as my mom started to prepare it for me.

It was 8:00 pm and my mom was serving food to me. She was standing close to me and I could feel her scent. It was making me so horny. She was wearing a violet saree, where her side breast was seen.


I started to see my mom’s boobs and navel. I had my food and went to my room. I was somewhat normal, so I thought of the porn videos and started to play them. Then I started to think of myself and my mother while naked and locking my door. I masturbated 5 times while thinking of my mother before falling asleep that night.

It was Sunday the next day. I woke up at 9:30 am, brushed, had my breakfast, and ran to Sid’s house. My friend’s mom opened the door and she told me that Sid was in his room, not sure if he was awake. She asked me to check on it.

I ran upstairs and discovered he was sleeping. So I stayed upstairs for a while and I saw a weed roll. Then I lit it up and smoked 4 to 5 drags before turning off the weed and waiting for 10 minutes to get hit. I started to play some porn videos and was watching them on Sid’s laptop.

He woke up and saw me sitting near him. I smiled and greeted him. He then got out of his bed and brushed and had a smoke as well. I told him that I needed to fuck someone and that I had feelings for my mother. He started to giggle. Then I told him we had to somehow make a plan. He sat down and saw I was watching mom-son porn videos.

Then he asked me if I had any plans in mind to move forward with my dream.

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I said: I do not, but I feel horny when I smoke weed.

Sid then came up with a plan to use some natural oil which could fire up the sexual desire inside us. He had his breakfast. The next plan was to test the oil.

Sid said: It is an edible natural oil, so it can be mixed with food and can be given.

I stared at him and asked if we could first try on his mom for now to just test. Sid’s face was hesitant, but I convinced him that I could do the same thing to his mom. Then I asked him wouldn’t he do naughty things to his mom if it worked?

He was thinking and said: Okay, we can try it.

We decided to make her horny. We began editing some of the hottest mom-son porn videos. We downloaded a project presentation and started to insert some porn images for a split second in between. We had some scenes included in that as well.

Sid asked his mom if he could help her cook some snacks, but his mom said it was not a boy’s job to cook. She said that she could make some snacks for them. So I asked her for some bread to be toasted. She did so and we were in the hall.

Then I shouted at mom that someone had arrived and she came to see who it was. And it was a courier for Sid’s dad. Mom was about to receive that. In the meantime, we went to the kitchen and took some toasted bread for ourselves and left a couple for mom, poured the oil on it and soaked it.

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