The housewife had intercourse when her husband was drunk

Dawood took Ghazal’s pussy at the target of his cock and placed his cock on the mouth of the pussy. Dawood pushed his cock hard inside the ghazal. The tip of Dawood’s cock went into Ghazal’s pussy with pressure. The ghazal screamed. “Ah I died”. “Dawood, don’t do that. My pussy will burst.” But Dawood was not going to pay attention. How long has he been yearning for ghazal pussy? This time Dawood jerked with full force, the rod of Dawood’s cock went halfway into Ghazal’s pussy. Ghazal was tormented by pain. “Ah ah ah my pussy ruptured.”
But Dawood did not stop, he struck another blow and Dawood’s whole cock got lost in the depths of Ghazal’s pussy. dawood’s cock passed through Ghazal’s vagina, into Ghazal’s uterus. Ghazal had never been in so much pain. ghazal was shaking her head in pain. her narrow pussy had tightened Dawood’s cock.

Dawood: “Ghazal Baji Your pussy is very tight and small”.
Dawood paused for a moment then began to move his cock lightly back and forth. The walls of Ghazal’s vagina clung to Dawood’s cock. Dawood’s cock was stuck in Ghazal’s pussy. Dawood lifted Ghazal’s legs and lay down on top of Ghazal. Dawood was having sex with Ghazal in a missionary style.
ghazal۔ “Dawood, it is painful. Please take if out.”
Until today, only Wasim’s small dick was inserted in Ghazal’s small pussy, but today his pussy was facing Dawood’s king size cock. Ghazal’s vagina was smaller and narrower than normal women so her children were also born from C-section.
Ghazal was lying naked under Dawood. The ghazal seemed very beautiful to Dawood but the most beautiful part of the ghazal’s body was her huge and fat pair of boob. Dawood started pressing the big breasts of ghazal again. With Dawood’s pressure, milk started coming out of Ghazal’s breasts like a syringe. The pain of the ghazal was now beginning to overwhelm. Dawood had increased the speed of fucking. Ghazal’s senses were now filled with pleasure instead of pain. ghazal۔ “Dawood, you tore my pussy. Now fuck me as you wish”.
Fifteen minutes had passed since Dawood had fuck Ghazal in a missionary style. Ghazal’s pussy was ruined and became the size of Dawood’s cock. Dawood was now fucking very fast and the hips of the ghazal were accompanying Dawood’s jerks with a rhythm. Dawood’s testicles were hitting Ghazal’s anus. Ghazal’s bid and soft boobs were bouncing loudly. Ghazal once had a great cum. But the sounds of ah ah ah were constantly coming out of her’s mouth. Ghazal was screaming and moaning with pleasure, not with pain. Suddenly Dawood pulled his cock out of Ghazal’s pussy. Ghazal asked Dawood in surprise. “what happened.” Ghazal knew that Dawood had not yet ejaculated.
Dawood picked up the ghazal from the bed and lay down on his own.


Dawood “ghazal baji. Now it’s your turn. Sit on my cock and shake your hips.” Dawood’s cock stood like a tower. Ghazal wondered how this gigantic cock got into her fairy tail pussy. Ghazal was composed on Dawood in such a way that Dawood’s body was between her two legs. Dawood could see Ghazal’s torn pussy. Ghazal’s pussy was not even recognizable. Such a narrow and small pussy now looked like an open mouth tunnel.

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