The housewife had intercourse when her husband was drunk

Dawood had naked the ghazal in his imagination. In Dawood’s mind, Ghazal’s big boobs and her full of flesh ass were moving. Dawood had long been obsessed with the beauty of ghazal. Ghazal was his cousin and was two years older than him. That is why he respected ghazal. But in reality he always wanted to fuck ghazal. Dawood used to spend every night masturbating thinking of ghazal. Today he had the opportunity. He could have spent millions to get the ghazal۔
Dawood was more addicted to ghazal than alcohol.
Wasim: “Where will you get lost?”
Dawood: “No, Wasim Bhai.”
Wasim: “Dawood, you seem to be drunk.”
Dawood: “No, Wasim Bhai, there is no such thing.
Ghazal: “Looks like Dawood is drinking for the first time.”
Dawood: “yes ghazal baji. But nothing has happened to me yet.”
Ghazal: “Dawood, I think you are about to fall. Stop it now.”
Wasim: “Ghazal, your brother has lost control. He is still a child. I said, he can’t compete with me.”

Ghazal started laughing when she heard Wasim’s words. Dawood heard Wasim saying that Wasim considered him weak. Ghazal’s laughter was embarrassing him even more than Wasim’s words. By no means did Dawood want to weaken himself against the ghazal.
Accepting Wasim’s challenge, Dawood said: “Let’s see who falls first, Wasim Bhai.
Now there was competition between the two men. Ghazal brought more wine from the fridge. Both of them started drinking one glass at a time. Ghazal was playing the role of judge against them. Wasim’s condition worsened after drinking two bottles, but Dawood was still conscious. David was drinking for the first time and Moon drank often. dawoods strong body was well defended against alcohol.
After a while, Wasim fell face down on the table. Wasim was intoxicated and he fainted.


Dawood: “I have won, Ghazal baji. Wasim Bhai has fallen unconscious.”
Ghazal became worried and started shaking Wasim. “Wasim, get up. What happened to you?”
Dawood: “Ghazal baji, he will be unconscious. Wasim bhai is enough. But I want to drink more wine. Now who will drink with me.”
Wasim stammered in unconsciousness. “Ghazal hospitality has not diminished. Dawood has done us a great favor. You give him company now. He should not feel alone. Now you drink with him.”
Ghazal spoke in shock. “Do I drink beer?”

How could Ghazal drink beer with other than her husband.? Wasim had once forced Ghazal to drink a sip or two of beer. But how could she drink with her cousin? He remembered Wasim’s words before he fainted. She did not want David’s hospitality to diminish. Nor did she want to offend her benefactor by refusing.
Ghazal: “Okay, I’ll give you company, but I won’t drink too much.”
David It’s okay, Ghazal baji, just drink a little wine to keep company. ” Ghazal knew that Dawood was drinking for the first time and he had already drunk a lot with Wasim. Ghazal hoped that Dawood would not take long.
Ghazal hesitantly began to take a sip of wine. Against the expectation of ghazal, wine was not having much effect on dawood. But Ghazal took a sip and drank some more wine. The ghazal was beginning to fade lightly. The intoxication ended the hesitation of the ghazal. Now she was giving full company to Dawood.

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