Sex education with vallar teacher – 1

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 Sex education with Vallar teacher

Hello my lovely reader I’m Surya age 22 and I’m from Bangalore. I have the dirtiest desires for sex. I love traditional women a lot. I wanna tell you my beautiful story of Vallar teacher.

About vallar

She is 36 her structure is 36,34,38. She has beautiful boobs and a big round ass, she mostly looks like Natasha Nice ( pornstar) but a little different to her. Vallar is a little dusky in colour and she only wears a saree a lot in class and at home and she is a tuition teacher also and my neighbour. Her husband works in Mysore he will come often home to see her 3 days a week.

I was in my 10th standard. She was my class teacher so that was easy for me to study because she was my neighbour too. I also stayed with her with no sex or any bad intentions, were good Friends and I shared all my things with her and she could share some of it. I could sleep on the sofa she will be sleeping in her room. She brought us a PS4, and we spent most of the time on that she prepared food every day for me also, so it was not my home I always stayed with her. When her husband comes I’ll go to my home. And her husband was too friendly with me.

All the good days come once in a lifetime, but on that day her husband was leaving for work and he called me to take care of Vallar teacher. I went to her home she was lying on the sofa and crying I went near to her

I asked her, what happened she got up and didn’t say a word and she started to hug me and cry. I don’t know what to tell her. And I slowly told her it’s okay ma’am don’t worry, I don’t know what happened but it’s okay everything will be solved soon. I wiped out her tears and held both hands and I told her ma’am I always stay with you whatever happens to you I always stay with you. Ma’am, can I know why are you crying? She told me that, Surya I didn’t enjoy with my husband. I told means what ma’am is that any fight between you and your hubby.

Ma’am no no Surya it’s not about that, it’s about sex we didn’t have for 3 days. I told ma’am it was okay anyhow he would be returned within 3 days again so you can have that time right ma’am, Surya he will not come for 10 days because he got that promotion.
Oh it’s okay I’m here we can spend time with have thought about sex okay ma’am I’m there we play make food together share things I’ll be with you.

After 10 days you can enjoy ma’am don’t worry he will be worth it. She smiled and went to the washroom got fresh up and returned to me okay come will make tea and have that.
While we were having tea she asked “Surya have you ever watched porn da.
I said “Ma’am sorry I watch it daily in the night after you go to sleep.
She “Oh Your naughty boy ah, okay what do you like in sex, what kind of porn do you watch”?

I told “Ma’am I have the dirtiest desire, I love watching milf, armpits sweaty, squirt drink etc.
She was shocked laughed asked me “Everything’s fine but what are their armpits?
I explained to her “Ma’am armpit is a beautiful part of our body and our sex partner is trying to have the original smell and taste of our partner and it will feel heavenly.
She was like ohh but we didn’t even try did once Surya. It’s okay ma’am everyone doesn’t have the same desires and sex thoughts, right?

She laughed and said “Okay Surya can you tell me what is sex from your opinion?
I told her “Ma’am sex beautiful thing in life, both partners have to do with love not with lust or rape thing. Sex is not just satisfying it’s beyond that sharing the body’s sweat-to-sweat tastes of the body. Taste both their saliva. It’s kind of have they know their partner.
She hugged me and I love you Surya thanks for being with me. I said ma’am you happy so that I can be happy let’s play ps4. Later we made dinner together had dinner and sat on the sofas to watch a movie or web series.

She suddenly asked me Surya have you never thought of smelling my armpits or have you tried it.
I told her” Ma’am no never I did that. But I have thought in my mind how my vallar ma’am will smell and taste, laugh together.
She said” Okay Surya come and taste me”
I said “Ma’am what I was just joking ma’am, no ma’am.
She” Come on Surya, it’s always between no one will know this all and we love each other and I wanna you more.
I laughed and ma’am it’s not wrong ma’am.
She said it’s okay Surya we both love and care. It’s okay no one will know this.

Okay ma’am
She was wearing a red saree blouse red bra inside.
I went near to her and ma’am can you lift your hands, I was helping to lift one side of that hand and went near her armpits I smelled her for the first time aroma smell I loved it I slowly licked it on the blouse, I started licking her blouse hardly and taste all the sweaty parts. I told her ma’am can I ask you one thing if you okay can you just remove your blouse and wear your bra and pallu again. Okay close your eyes Surya, I closed my eyes and waited for 5 minutes and she called Surya done you can start

I saw a woman for the first this and her huge beautiful boobs were held by a red bra I felt like touching them. She “Surya why are staring at me like this haven’t you seen any boobs
I said “Ma’am I’ve never seen a woman like these beautiful boobs, wow
She “Thanks my love Surya now start where you left it
I went to the armpit now it was raw brown armpits I sucked this time all the sweaty I loved and lick and suddenly I heard of moaning which was vallar she was enjoying and doing that. After I had done all to armpit she told Surya wanna touch my boobs?
I was like hell yes ma’am.

But you have to listen to me Surya with any word, I said okay ma’am. She told me to lie down and close my eyes until I told you to open and I said okay ma’am. I got down, and I’m hearing a word Surya don’t open your eyes I wanna tell you something, you told you like squirt drink, it’s nothing but piss and it forms all piss. If a woman masturbates piss will convert into squirt and come out of virginal. I was like ohh ma’am thanks for telling me this. Surya do you wanna taste piss or squirt. Ma’am yeah I do but how ma’am?

She was on top of me removed her underwear and lifted her saree to her waist. I can see her pussy and cute hair. Ma’am your pussy is looking beautiful ma’am. She sat on my face, pussy was touching my lips she told can you lick it for me. I was nervous and slowly sucking her pussy, she moaned a lot and she was like the way I lick and sucked her. And she suddenly pissed in my mouth every drip of her pussy was inside my mouth and I drank it. It was salty but her pussy was the best part of it. We both stood and hugged each other. Kissed me on my cheeks and she went to the bedroom before going I held her hand and pulled her to my side. And told her vallar ma’am I love you and I kissed her lips. And I let her go and sleep in her room. And it’s just a day since 1 story started we have still 9 days of the story. I hope all the milf and guys have enjoyed it. If you love the story you can suggest an email to update me.

[email protected]

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