Perfect Wife


You have read about Pauls penultimate gift to me, his ultimate gift was his support, understanding and love when I became pregnant. I became pregnant the weekend following this devastating news that Paul was infertile. My lover introduced me to three of his friends for a non-stop sex party.
The birth caused a commotion among the maternity staff. When I went into labour my husband phoned my lover and I gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy with both my husband and my lover by my side.
My lover had fathered Samantha, named in memory of his deceased partner. To this day we are not sure who fathered Adika, obviously his father is of West African origin and so is our sons name. My lover needed to know if he was a dad, tests proved he was the proud father of a beautiful baby girl and also proved he definitely was not the father of a bouncing baby boy. The other three men are not willing to be tested and I’m not bothered about pushing it. The children have a father, they also have a second father both are called Paul.



Is being seen as the husband of a white wife with a black lover and mixed race children my husbands’ greatest humiliation? Being branded a cuckold should be but I’m happy to say no, it actually excites him. You know what it’s like whenever parents are pushing a pram along, everybody you pass wants to take a peek at the little darlings. The expressions of shock when some of these busybodies look back up at me then at Paul and back at me could literally have him cuming in his pants.
His most uncomfortable moment was telling his parents who are rather stiff and conservative. Their unexpected and immediate acceptance of my maternity and later our children as their grandchildren did more for Pauls emotional attachment than anything else could have done.
My parents blamed me of course, “How could you?” The scorn they poured on me began to have an effect and I went into a depression. It was not until a few months after the birth when Paul dragged my father out to the pub and explained how he had instigated me taking a lover and his reasons for doing so including his inability to give me the physical satisfaction he so intuitively thought I needed. About his medical inability and our need for a child, a child we had been trying to conceive for more than a year before I became pregnant. Of how I actually became pregnant with a brief outline of what was essentially a two and a half day gang bang apparently my fathers face was a joy to behold. Of how Pauls own parents who were so far to the right they positively leaned at the ankles had accepted our children as theirs. And of course if Paul himself could accept children fathered by other men as his own, then surely the parents of the mother could at least show a little respect for our choices.
On returning to the house my father took me in his arms and wept as he hugged me. He lifted the babies from their pram and sat in his favourite char cradling one in each arm. My mother was not amused and it was another two weeks before she began to come round, possibly the hardest two weeks of her life but now she dotes on her grandchildren.
So Paul sees out children as a gift that in a very roundabout route he has been able to give to me.

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