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How I met a girl from tinder and have great night with her.

Hi readers, I just want to tell about Priya. Who I am met on tinder.
Age: 24
Figure: 34-30-34
Looks: Dusky girl
Voice: seductive voice.


I will give proper explanation. It will take minutes to scroll. Please read slowly and enjoy.

Hi Guys! My name is funky. I am from Hyderabad. This story happened in 2016.
I just want to break my virginity like adult people. I don’t even know about Tinder app exists.
One day, friend of friend and me travelling in car and we are talking boys talks.

He is saying about tinder app. At First I don’t believe. At the end of the day, I thought to download app. I downloaded app. I did routine formalities like creating account. I just waited for almost fifteen days to get my first match. There is no picture of her. So I Thought it was fake one.

I kept first message and the conversations follows

Funky: Are you real?
Priya: obviously.
Funky: why don’t you upload your image?
Priya: due to privacy issues.

Meanwhile I asked about her whereabouts. Since then we used to talk daily. One day I dint get message form Priya. Really I am tensed about her. I did not get any replied from her. She is disconnecting my call. Do you want say something to me, I kept message to Priya. Still I didn’t get any reply. I slept.

Next day, WhatsApp notification messages continuously blinking.
Her Whatsapp messages:
Hey sorry
Breakup with boyfriend.
I am upset.
I didn’t lift any calls or message yesterday.
Once again I am sorry.

By seeing this whatsapp messages, I called her. She is crying. I am unable to control her. I thought to distract her. And I said my birthday is tomorrow. Priya is questioning now me: why did you tell so lately. I said surprise for you. I invited Priya to my flat. At first she hesitated and I will tell evening. I thought she won’t come. I need to buy shirt and jeans for my birthday.

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I went to Inorbit mall for shopping. I bought 2 shirts. Lunch time arrives. So I ordered biryani from paradise. I am waiting for biryani, meanwhile scrolling Instagram. Suddenly Priya is calling.

I will come tomorrow but I will stay for 3 hours. I am happy and sad at the same time. I am excited because I never met people from tinder. She said I will come tomorrow by 10 ‘clock.

I am not getting sleep. I am just waiting for tomorrow to come. First impression is best impression. So I want to look good. I went to saloon. I just told saloon guy, I want this look. After haircut. I just look myself, I feel good while I am looking myself to mirror. I gave extra 300 rupees to stylist.
I am waiting for Priya call. She told I will be late for 2 hours. I am deeply disappointed. In order to pass time, browsing YouTube videos. Slowly I am getting sleep.

Priya is calling. I woke up and see the time, 12’0 clock. I will be there within 20 minutes.
I wash my face and I am waiting for her call. She called and said I am at apartment entrance.
I am excited like never before. I received Priya and went to our flat. I asked Priya to fresh.
Priya freshen up and congratulates for my birthday. We are discussing about whereabouts. Its lunch time.

I ask Priya what you want to order. Priya replied: today is your birthday, order what you want.
I ordered kheema biryani from paradise. We both are sit in bedcot. Now we are opposite to each other. I could sense her heavy breathe.

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