GF’s sister opened her legs

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Hi readers,
I have read many stories and I don’t know people post it on fictional or fact base. Stories narrated by girls I Like the most. It was difficult to decide whether I should dive in to write such things or not and heart said let’s try once. Well my name is Raj and work in private sector in Gurgaon.

I will be covering more about me in upcoming stories. Let me come to the point for which you are investing your time. My stories will be well build up and definitely gain your interest if you are a true reader.

Be Patient…. So this is the story which is real. How I got connection with Girlfriend’s sister and eventually opened her up in her house. This is the story of our first sex which was happened few years back.

Her name is Naina, she is physically very attractive. Having 32-26-31 size now and around 28-26-28 when we started (2013). Naina wear tight fits, sharp face features and seducing smile. It all started when we became good friends as I used meet her, chat with her as I did with my gf. Once I send her a kiss emoji and she replied the same and this was a good hint and we started flirting with each other. I was moved lucknow for higher studies and also my gf from our near by town. I asked to call her sis also here for studies.

In a year whole family shifted to lucknow and I used to live alone in a small house. Me my gf and Naina used to go out rarely as her family was conservative and strict specially her father. So I used treat both like my gf, hold hands etc. It was normal with all. I also used to visit her home when father not around. Her mother knows about us already and it was fine with her. One day I visited to meet my gf and Naina was trying some dress to wear in college in casual day. As I was the modern one so she asked me how should I wear this shirt with skirt. I asked her to wear and show. She came and I tuck her shirt into the skirt she was in my arms when I was tucking her back side I tried to touch as max as I could do. She smiled when my face touched her boobs but did not feel awkward and nobody noticed this. My gf was busy in some kitchen stuff, me and naina move inside the room infront of the mirror. She was looking tempting hot in skirt and I wanted it more I opened one button of her shirt and folded her skirt up to the thighs through elastic band, sexy legs. I said! She respond with accepting smile. I hugged her from back and I could feel her ass to my dick I moved my hand over her flat tummy pressed her waist towards my dick, Naina slip her hips to tease me. I said you are looks hot whatever you wear baby, she winked!!!.

This gave me more confidence to come close to her and I had fantasies for her now. Time flies and another day I went in the evening she asked to make her learn to drive scuty. Naina already practiced sometimes so she knew how to drive. I took her to new highway which does not have much traffic usually. I asked her to take the lead now she started riding I asked her to sit little back as she was on the edge, she slide back I said “thoda or pas aao” she smiled and came more close I also got stick to her and hugged her from back. We were riding I was moving my around her waist and tummy, she adjusted herself to come more close. Naina was enjoying this. I kissed her on cheek and holded her tightly. She got it and did not resisted, Moving my hand I slowly touched her boobs and move my hand back. I kissed her few times on cheek and said your sexiness make me uncontrollable, she responded back with a flying kiss. It was already an hour and we moved back to home. I whatsapp her with kiss emoji she replied with many kiss emoji. I said “Give me on lips in real”, “Whenever you want” she replied.

In the same night we chat. I said I miss you in my arms, Baby I am there with you just feel me. I said my kiss is due and I will come to take it, I am waiting.. she said. I asked her about her Bf if she has any, she respond in negative. I said I wouldn’t let anybody enjoy you baby… She sent kiss and heart emoji. I asked her size and talk dirty to her that night. We were too close now. I was just waiting for the moment to love her. The wait was over, in the month Oct starting of winter I asked her to take leave from college. But she was busy in cultural events in college. Let me tell you she is good in arts. Dance/Mehndi/Painting etc … Somehow she took the half day.

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