Accident leads to cuckold

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Hi Friends, I’m sai a 28-year-old married male working in Bangalore. I would love to meet women in Bangalore. I have had a few flings with women and couples, and all ladies except one were above my age.

Now, I am coming to the story. This incident happened while I had gone to my native for Christmas Holidays for 10 days. Five days went by normally. I was trying to get a woman to fuck as it’s been a month since I had sex with my wife. I am always having a high libido and urge to have sex often. I used to have sex with my wife frequently, but still im hungry for sex. But i do follow ethics with respect to having sex. I was driving my vehicle in a crowded bazaar.

It’s a very small town, and the road is not more than 30-40 feet. It will be crowded with bikes parked here and there. So people used to walk on the road only. Suddenly one lady crossed the road without seeing the other side, and I ended up hitting her in my vehicle. She fell and started shouting at me.

Lady: Kannu theriyatha, vanthu mela ethura. (Don’t you have eyes, you came and hit me.)

Me: Naan olunga than vanthen, neenga than thappa vanthinga (I drove properly. It was you who crossed without seeing this side of the road)

Then she compromised and tried to get up. By this time, everyone on the road started to do their jobs. She stood up and took a step. But she was hit hard by one of the rods in the vehicle, and it was painful for her.

Me: Are you fine?

Lady: I guess I will be fine.

Saying this, she tried to take one more step and shouted again in pain. She leaned on the bike slightly. I asked where she had to go. She told a village name nearby and said she had to catch the 8.30 PM bus. It was the last one to her village, and it was already 8.20 PM.

I told her I would drop her off at the bus stand. It is hardly one km from the bazaar. Then she said even if she goes to the bus stand, she won’t be able to get inside the bus as she cannot even take a step.

I suggested that I take her on my bike and drop her at her village. It’s 10-12kms from my town. After asking for 2-3 times, she finally agreed to it and sat on my bike with a lot of struggle.

We crossed the town and started driving on the outskirts. There were not many lights on the road and only my bike’s light. Since it was late in the night, there were not many vehicles on the road. I casually started talking to her.

Me: What’s your name?

Lady: Shanti, yours?

Me: sai. What are you doing?

Lady: I work in a shop here.

Me: Ok. Are you married?

Lady: Do I look unmarried? I have 2 kids also.

Me: Seriously, I couldn’t make out. You are very strong and look young.

Shanti: Yes, I married when I was 19 and gave birth to 2 kids before 22.

Me: What’s your husband doing?

Shanti: Don’t ask for it. I will get irritated if I talk about him.

Me: Why?

Shanti: He does some work here and there. But he spends everything on liquor every day. I had to earn money for my kids and me.

Me: Sorry to hear that, Shanti.

Shanti: It’s ok. What will you do for him being a drunkard?

I saw that she was trying to adjust and sit properly. I stopped the vehicle and asked if everything was ok. She said her pain is subsiding but still not completely alright. So she tried to adjust and sit properly. It hurt that time. I got down from the bike and touched her feet.

Shanti: Hey, I came directly from work. It’s dirty. Take off your hands.

Me: That’s ok. You are hurt, and let me see how bad is it.

Shanti: Hmmmm.

Me: I massaged the toes gently and asked if she felt comfortable.

Shanti: It’s very nice. But don’t do it. Get up.

Me: Why?

Shanti: What if someone sees me like this?

Me: Let’s tell them what happened. I’m just trying to help you.

Shanti: You don’t understand. In villages, nobody believes your stories. They will start creating their own stories about you and me

I smiled and said I was least bothered.

Shanti: Yeah, you will not be in the village, na. I’m only going to be there.

I realized my mistake and said sorry.

Shanti: It’s ok. But you are so sweet.

Me: Why?

Shanti: Even when I was struggling with delivery pain, my husband never cared about me and went to drink.

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