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Hey my name is Alan.My wife’s name is Rachel.Rachel and I have been married for 10 years and we have two kids.I must say I am a very lucky and happy man to have Ravhel as my wife.

So this story begins in 2006 when Rachel and I were in college.I saw Rachel and it was love at first sight.I immediately realised that she was way out of my league.But somehow I fell in love with her and wanted to marry her more than anything in my life.At that time Rachel was going through a bad breakup because her alpha ex boyfriend cheated on her on more than one occasions.Knowing that I have been a beta loser for all my life I summoned courage and went on to say hi.Fastforward couple of weeks and we became friends.But she always kept telling me that we could not have a sexual relationship.As I was deeply innlove with her I agreed to everything she said.

Fast-forward one year(2007) I proposed her and to my surprise she said yes.Sometimes we would mess around but nothing more than that happened.She knew that I was a virgin and told me that I should wait until our wedding to lose my virginity.I agreed.
But as we grew closer to each other it qas getting difficult for me to keep my hands of her as she was extremely hot and I was getting very horny.She was afraid that because of my horniness I would cheat on her.So she came up with an idea that changed my whole life.She asked me to wear a chastity cage for her.At first I was very reluctant but after much convincing I finally agreed to wear a cock cage for the love of my life.And here I was a virgin boy caged at the age of 17.She would often tell me that she will unlock me after our wedding.I was happy because she was happy.


One year later we married in a beautiful ceremony.But I was not excited about the marriage as much as I was excited about the thought of having sex and losing my virginity with the love of my life.After the wedding ceremony there she was,my beautiful wife lying in the bed exhausted from the long day.As I started initiating for sex she told me that she was very tired and wanted some sleep.I agreed and we both slept that night.The next day after having breakfast when I started to fondle her body she stopped me and went inside to bring her laptop.I was a little bit confused.After a minute she came out and sat next to me and showed me an article.
The article was about men in chastity cage.The article read that it is not advisable for wives to unlock their husbands from chastity after a prolonged period of time as unlocking the male male can cause agression which cause marriage to break.She was afraid that after unlocking me I would agressive and that could hurt our relationship.So she asked me to stay like this for some time until finds anothe suitable article.Weeks passed by but she couldn’t find the article.After two months she came to me and told me that she has decided not to let me out of chastity cage.Within moments I got so furious and I lashed out at her.And that was my second biggest mistake after agreeing to chastity.She linked my harsh behaviour with the article and proved that how the article was absolutely correct.That night I washed all the dishes,did the laundry,massaged her, apologized her a million times until she finally forgave me.
Next morning she showed me another article about how it is unhealthy for a man to have an orgasm while still wearing a chastity cage.She told me she’ll find something useful related to the issue.Until then I did all the household chores,serviced her and her friends, massaged her and gave her daily orgasms with my talented tongue.About after 1 month she told me that she couldn’t find any article about the issues and thus has decided to keep me in chastity for as long as required.At that time I was broke from the inside.Hearing this I started crying.Rachel also got emotional and pulled me close to her heart.But it was no relief.Days passed by and my daily schedule was to wake up early,make the breakfast,then wake up my beautiful wife,go to the office around 9,come home by 6,make evening dinner,then give my wife daily massage and orgasms which I have been missing since I was 17,then doing all the chores and finally go to sleep.As I was having a long I got really tired and hence nothing sexual came to my mind at the bed time.We both got used to this lifestyle.As I was finally finding peace in my life shit happened.
After 3 months Rachel came to me with another article which stated that how it was unhealthy for married women to not have sexual intercourse after marriage.I was filled with hope that finally I will get some relief.I told her that I am more than happy to have sexual intercourse with her.She smiled and kicked me in the balls really hard.Within one second I was on the floor crying in pain.Then she told me that her friend is a sexologist and she is coming over to meet us and guide us ablut the issue.I couldn’t sleep the whole night because of the cruel pain in my horny denied balls.But more than that I was terrified as to what was going to happen tomorrow.
Her friend Maria came to our house.Rachel and Maria were having the usual girl talks and I came in to serve the drinks.After some time Rachel told Maria about our whole sex life which was pretty non-existent for me.Rachel told Maria that it has been a long time since she had sex.For this Maria told us something which upon hearing my ears bleed.Maria told her to have sex with anyone she wants so as to have a healthy mind and body.And she also specifically told Rachel to keep me locked up for the sake of this marriage.I started weeping in front of them.Watching me weep Maria got up,stood in front of me and kicked me int the balls.That kick was 10 times more harder than the kick I received last night.I couldn’t stop my tears and Rachel and Maria couldn’t stop laughing.From that day I wore nothing but the cock cage inside the house and Rachel wore nothing but the sexiest clothes she could find only to tease me.

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A month after Rachel thought that my locked cock should come to some use.So she started her own femdom camsoda live videos where she would make money from me getting kicked in the balls.At every night at 9 she would go online and viewers would send her tip to watch me getting kicked in the balls.The rate was 10 Dollars per kick.Soon after to make more money but more importantly to make my life more hell she added more items to the list which included drinking her piss for 50 Dollars and eating her poop for 100 Dollars.My life was a living hell.I could have never imagined that the girl of my dreams would keep me virgin for the rest of my life and make me eat her shit.Soon she started going on dates with guys who were 90% of the time black dudes.For the dates she wore the raunchiest items one could think of.My job was to keep the bedroom ready,listen her getting fucked,eat her bull’s cum and finally drink her bull’s piss.I can say that I was indeed living the great American dream.

After a year she told me that she wants to have a baby.I got so happy knowing that I will become a father and that finally I will have sex for the first time in my life.But to my amusement she told me that I will not be the father of the child.She told me she wants her child’s father tobe an alpha black man, not a beta virgin loser boi like me.

So she eventually started having sex with multiple alpha black men ofcourse without any protection.After two weeks she came with the positive pregnancy test.I was happy because she was happy.I asked her who is the father of our child but she told me its a secret.The same thing happened with our second child.To this date after 10 years of marriage I still dont know who is the father of our children.
So thats how I became a virgin,beta loser, piss drinking,cum eating,cuckold husband to Rachel,a beautiful,hot,slutty alpha woman who only fucks alpa men and has shown me my pathetic place in life.
I love you Rachel….

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