Shared my drunk wife

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This young guy that I know from a social network site told me that I am very lucky to have a great wife over the time he told me that he likes my wife. I was furious and insulted him saying he is an incel but later I was aroused by the thought of a young guy expressing his love for my wife.
Over the time I got more and more obsessed with this thought but I never told this to anyone.

Meanwhile I encouraged this guy on the other hand to express more about what he feels for my wife.

For a time period of 74 days our conversation grew erotic and both of our intentions were very clear now but I still hadn’t spoke to my wife about this guy.

I have expressed about my fantasy of sharing her with another guy to her and I have not received a firm answer whether she is interested or she isn’t but I always keep her informed that I sure do like to share her.
A week before valentine’s day I ask her to dress like a queen and I want this valentine’s day to be extra special, unlike the other years we don’t take this day seriously at all. I spend a lot of many on buying her gifts.
On the eve of valentine’s day I was very surprised to see her very well dressed and looked extra special that day, she smelled so good and she went to the salon to do her hair and makeup.

When I first saw her looking very different than usual it was very hard for me to resist and pounce on her.
But instead I played cool and got her drunk when we were at this fancy restaurant for our dinner date. She looked gorgeous that day when we came back home I couldn’t help but kiss her, although I had planned not to touch her that day.

When we were at home I played some romantic music and danced with her and also getting her drunk as much as possible.
She got so drunk now that she was not able to dance or even stand properly that’s when I call my little incel friend of mine and ask him to come home.

As I laid her on our bed I set up cams around the room and I hear him come in as I held the cam and filmed him walking in.
As he entered the room and saw her lying on the bed he got rid of his shoes and pants in a couple of seconds and before he would pounce on her I ask him to apply my perfume that I had kept on the table near by and I ask my wife if it is alright for my friend to touch her and she wasn’t fully aware but she moaned a sigh in response that’s when I let go off him and he immediately fondled her breasts and also touched her lips kissing her at first he was repulsive because of her breath this guy had never had alcohol but he continued to kiss her and ruining her makeup that I paid for.

He unzipped her dress but was finding difficult to remove it off of her so I helped him remove her brand new dress. He put on the condom and turned her around with her back facing him.
She thought it was a special night for both of us so she hadn’t worn any undergarments under her dress.
Moments after he was in her and I was filming them from across the room and the whole thing was wild.
He kept going at her almost the whole night and I lost of track of everything as I slept of while sitting on the couch, my handheld cam was pointed to the floor while I slept.

When I woke up it was 6 in the morning and this guy asked if there is something to eat and I asked him to go get something from the fridge, that was so nice of him that he asked for my permission to use the kitchen.
I noticed my wife was still in deep sleep and went to the bathroom when I got out I saw him again taking over my wife and she was still sleeping.
Finally when it was around 9 my wife woke up and screamed when she found this guy next to her.

I calmed her down but she was confused this whole time she thought it was me with her and that’s why she was shocked. Things got a little different for a moment and I asked him to wait for us outside the room and I explained everything to her. Initially she was furious and was crying but she took some time and I called him back inside.
She told me that she thought it was me the whole time and thought I had shaved when they kissed and she wasn’t able to recognise the face because she was drunk.

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