Moupriya fulfil her submissive fantasy with a Dom man in newyork along his hubby

Then when I came out he took my several photo in his mobile he told me the pose & i give that pose. Then he on few song & told me to dance again & slowly to get nude I was doing that.1st while dance I open my top he was continuously recording all then while dance I open my skirt I was thinking that i am dancing In front of a stranger man for fuck me like a slut when I was thinking I was feeling what Is happening I don’t care let me do all whatever he want lets be a slut for a real handsome strong foreigner men for a night and make him happy .as who know us here no problem decide I will be a slut Bitchy for him that time .no matters I will do all he will say was decide & was dancing as per his Instruction then I open my bra ,start pressing my boobs In front of him trying to lick them then open my panty get nude lie In floor keep dancing & fingering my virgins’ I was moaning loudly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaai was not in my control i was totally under his control on that time.
I came close to him sit on his lap try to smooch him but he don’t smooch me he turn his face. I ask him what more u want to fuck me please fuck me I was literally begging to him for fuck me then he told me you remember just 3 hrs ago you people was shouting on me as i was came late specially you told me you will complain about me for reach you late.

Abusing me now what happen? Will u not complain against me?


I was really forget about that incident on that time he remind me that. I really feel very basement and humiliate that moment but that time I was not in my control I was totally in his control I was already broken that time so i told him am very sorry we will not do anything complain against you please forgive all & do anything you want to do with me & fuck me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee..I can’t control anymore.

Mark look at me and Lough louder and hold my hairs from back and told me ok first you give a review excellent review from your mobile on your app. I took out my mobile & give him a excellent review after that he told me to sit on the table in front his sofa in doggy style & he start spank me & told me to count after every spank and say him sorry he spank 20 times each side on my back & i keep say him sorry after his every hard spank. His every spank was like an electric shock for me I was start get hornier after his every single spank more and more.
after that he bring a paper & a pen gave me that & told me to give him a note mentioning that we are submissive our self to him on our wish & he have all the rights to do everything with us he want as we have taken 1500$ loan from him which we can’t repay him & If we clams anything later that will be known as Illegal & how long we are In USA we will stay to him and will do all he says.
I did that also after that he told me to give me both of yours passports visa tickets i gave him all then he told me to transfer that file of our dance and Manoj and my sex tape which he was gave us few min ago I was got afraid but I have no place to escape that time I was already in his trap so I transfer that also to him.

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