Moupriya fulfil her submissive fantasy with a Dom man in newyork along his hubby

I hear the bell rang told not to move keep continue I was keep doing fingering the guy came he saw me then Mark told me bitch dance for us Mark offer him a glass of drink now they was having drink and I was dancing for them all nude. I was dance in 3 songs and then the waiter says thanks to Mark and he left.
I was keep saying him fuck me fuck me he was pulling my hair from back. Took me to the table between the couch and was doing fingering to my pussy and ass and in middle middle was spanking me harder that was taking me to the heaven. I was just dying coz nobody was tease me dominate me before in my life that way .I start say him again please fuck me sir for a long
He told me to sit in the floor between his 2 legs and told me to kiss his dick top of his pant I start did that then he open his shirt and his pant I saw his body he was so well build man like WWF wrestler men’s body have
I look in to his big fat juicy hard white cock but that was smelling so bad sweating and pee smell he told me to smell the dick head I was doing then he told just to like his dick slowly I was doing but by mistake I was start suck that, he pull that out hold my hairs slap in my face and told me do I have told u to suck it? I told him please sir he told beg for it I did please sir give me your dick in my mouth for 30 times then he say ok suck now I start suck him his dick was so big it was 12inches big fat juicy thick dick i suck it for a long time. then he took me in the couch and was only rubbing his dick head in my wet pussy only I was begging him for fuck me and he was keep me reminding how few hours ago I was insult him and now just like a cheap slut whore you are begging for get fuck by me .I say him sir please forgive that and now you please fuck me I am dying sir please fuck me I keep beg to him for few time till that time he was only rubbing his dick on my clits and he was keep reminding me about few hours ago thins and present situation finally when he start fuck me I was feeling like my pussy will be tear I was screaming in pain and pleasure like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooomyyyygoddddddddddddddddddd ooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa o my god sir you are to big .

Then he fuck me In doggy pose while pull my hairs from back & after 30min when he come he take out his dick & cum in my mouth. he came with so much sperm my hubby never came with so much sperm ever. I was not destroying a single drop of sperm I drunk all.

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