Moupriya fulfil her submissive fantasy with a Dom man in newyork along his hubby

Till this he record everything in his mobile after we had sex he stop recording from his mobile.
Then Mark told us to come and sit in the couch & we was gossip and drinking now Manoj ask to Mark why have you record all in your mobile Mark reply nothing its just for fun don’t worry I will transfer that in your laptop .and he took the laptop and transfer the file to Manoj laptop and delete that in front of us we both feel bit relaxed

That time also Me & Manoj was totally nude but Mark was In his complete dress .he told us not to wear any dress told Manoj to collect all the dress from the floor & keep them in the cupboard & to lock that & give him the key so he did. & we was gossiping he finally made another peg for 3 of us as I seen he give a lot alcohol to Manoj & same quantity for me & Mark. we was gossiping finally after some time Manoj feel pee he gone to wash room & from there we hear the sound he was vomiting so we gone to seen him .we bring him to bed & make him lie In bed.
After that i & Mark came to the couch we gossiping then I asked him why he doesn’t join us & make us to do sex only? He told it’s my wish I like to watch how your hubby makes love to you so. Why do you want to be my submissive slave he ask me directly? I told him yes because you are a Dom man and I like your attitude. He asks how much eager you are. I told him very badly a lot? He ask what can you do for please me ?i say anything you will say me .He told me I can’t see any eagerness on you prove me. If I feel pleased then I will . I ask him what I have to do.


He told me then to dance for me. I dance for him again for few item songs and he again keep record all i thought nothing to worry he will transfer all like last time .then he called me again and make me sit opposite to him and ask me about our sexual life I told him my hubby loves me a lot but he don’t like to do sex we do sex once in 2/3month .he told me whose fantasy it is I told him it was actually my fantasy as i am a submissive lady ,he told what u like till now I reply him I love when u was making us dance sex ordering us. he ask do u want more I say yes a lot more .he told tonight I will make you like a real slut are you ready for that without any hesitate I told him yes sir am ready to be a slut for you tonight .he smile & say before that go to washroom take a shower & he open the cupboard give me a bra panty set a short skirt and a top and give my makeup kit and told me go and get ready I say ok.
.Went to washroom With that I went to the bath room it was a big wash room there was a bathtub beside that there was a transparent glass cover with curtain instead of wall so Mark told me to remove the curtain coz he want to watch all .so I did that I went to wash room remove the curtain he was watching all and was recording all in his mobile and was having his drink .I complete my shower then get ready with the dress he was select along with proper makeup myself.

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