Indian Couple Submissive Fantasy In USA With An Unknown Stranger Man

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Then he told me to called room service to take all the bottle cutleries food was there .I called .then again he told me to keep dance .I was dancing nude for him. the room service guy came mark open the door he told me to keep dance not to stop so I was Dancing nude In front of that room service guy and mark he came clean all the table. mark ask him do u like her dance he told yes sir she Is lovely.& I was dancing for them like a cheap slut..he stand watch my dance for 5 min then he say thank you sir and he gone.

Mark called me come my bitch to me In your 4 feet I went to him then he told me take out his jeans I open his jeans. open his shirt .after watching his physic I get mad so strong body he have like wrestler wwf .I start kiss his chest his neck rub his dick smooch him finally he pull my hair from back and told me to take out my dick I take out and seen It Is so big I never seen In my life before.12Inches tall I start lick him first then I start suck him while sucking his so big dick some time he was Inserting his dick full In to my mouth which was going to my throat and he was pushing my head from back and from front he was Inserting his dick In my mouth. I gave him blow job for 5 to 10 mIn then he told took me In his lap and threw me In bed and make me sit In doggy style and Insert his dick In my virgins which Is so wet and his big dick make me cry but he Insert that to me .I was screaming aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yessssssssssssssssssssss o yssssssssssssssssssss o yaaaaaaaaaaa fuck me fuck me he was pulling my hair from back. Then he fuck me In missionary pose and after 40mIn when he come he take out his dick and cum In my mouth. he came with so much sperm my hubby never came with so much sperm ever. And I was not destroying a single drop of sperm also I drunk all.


Then he wake up wear his half pant and take out a cigarette and went to the balcony and called me to the balcony I told him no m nude I will not go he say come I called u. u have to lessen all I will say you .so I thought Its not out of country and Its night so nobody will be there and I gone their and sit on his lap .he was smoking and touching my all over, then I was also getting horny I request him to please can we have another round please ?he told for that 1st I have to lick his toe figure & have to beg me please fuck me 1ce more i am yours bitch If he like he will I get agree and start lick his toe & keep beging for 5 to 10 min i was acctualy feeling lik a cheap slut my self that time. then he again told me to give him blow job ,he like my blow job I can give very nice blow job this complement my hubby also gave me many times .so I gave him blow job and then again he fuck me a long I was moaning In pain and pleasure In different position finally he came after 1 hr at least. And then we all came to our room and sleep. That time in watch It was 2am.
Then next day at 5am he wake up & called me I also wake up then he told me just to wear a housecoat and nothing else I will take you to show you new York early morning. so we wake up & went to the wash room which Is just beside our bed but there was no wall there was a transparent glass with white colour curtain get fresh and then he open the curtain then I went to wash room get fresh he wear the dress and I wear the housecoat then we went out on his taxi.
We went somewhere he shows me the netyork many place then we went to a cafe for breakfast there we had tea shop where there we was gossiping In different topic. Finally I ask him y he make me expose to the room service guy last night .He reply you are amazing I love to expose you and feel you people humiliate which I know you people also want to be. U look amazing you must show your beauty to every 1.I get a mixed filings and I look down. and he also told me you people was told me u want for 24 hours but I will not return your passport until the last moment when you people will return to India. so till then I am yours master your my bitch and your hubby Is my dog. You people are going do all just I want nothing else. I told him please don’t do like this but In my mind I was confused what to do should I make him stop or let him do all he want .I keep silent.

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