Indian Couple Submissive Fantasy In USA With An Unknown Stranger Man

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Then manoj came back to me and he open my bra and mark told give that to me manoj threw It to mark he took that and smell my bra I was put my head down and keep my hand cross and cover my 38c boobs. but we was dancing .we was so horny that time he called us .we thought now he will do the 3sum but he called and told me to make another peg as I was hiding my boobs with my hands so I have to make pegs and remove my hands have no other option. .
While I was making peg he told to manoj to open yours jockey. he open and while I was giving the peg mark touch my boobs and press both side he told so soft so nice shape u have. Mark and manoj was sitting each other opposite side so when I turn back to give the glass to manoj from my back mark give me a hard slap In my 36sIze fairy ass I get It like electric shock he told me not to move just bend and stand then he touch my ass Virginia all over he found me m so wet .
Then he told us to sit In the sofa beside manoj and drink then while drink he told us to do masturbation. He want to watch us how we do masturbation which we was also needed badly .I Insert my hand In to my panty and start doing and manoj start stroking his dick .and he was watching and recording everything In his mobile phone.

After few time he told me to stand and give me your panty stay nude. This sentence come to my 440 electric shock type but without saying anything I open my panty and gave It to mark. He again smell It. and told us to do some nude dance for him. Now we was also start enjoying things so we dance for him In absolutely nude. he ask us how you are feeling? we say mixed feeling cant say. He asks r u people horny we say yes. then mark told manoj to lie In the floor In front of where he Is sitting there and told me to suck him I was sucking my hubby dick like a hungry beggar .who got food after a long time and he was touching my back my ass my neck with his toe figure. Which was making me more and more and more crazy and horny? Then after some time he told me to lie In floor and manoj to suck my virginas he did that and I was shouting so loudly In pleasure like aaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooo huuuunmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa please fuck now I cant take any more. I was thinking when he will join us? then he told finally manoj to fuck me 1st In missionary position then he make us bang In doggy style then he make me sit on manoj dick and bang while doing this he was touching my all over like In my face neck boobs belly all over he was touching me with his feet I was just dying . I told him mark plz u also join us and fuck me the way u want he told what so hurry Bitch? all will happen but when I will want u will do all just I want. and I was just screaming hard aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fuck me moreeeeeeeeeee fk me fk me like this finally when manoj Is about to come mark told me to eat that sperm which I do all time and I love to eat the sperm……


Then again we sit In sofa and some gossip me and manoj was totally nude but mark was In his complete dress .he told us not to wear any dress told manoj to collect all the dress from the floor and keep them in the cupboard and to lock that and give him the key so he did. And we was gossiping he finally made another peg for 3 of us as I seen he give a lot alcohol to manoj and same quantity for me and mark. we was gossiping finally after some time manoj feel pee he gone to wash room and from there I hear the sound he was vomiting we gone to seen him .we bring him to bed and make him lie In bed.

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