Casino Cuckolding

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“Really?” my head was spinning and my cock was leaking precum. A few times in the past she had sucked me off while getting fucked by another guy, but this was a whole new level. “You think that you want to try three cocks at once? Like a gang bang?”

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “Sure, why not? I have always wanted to get fucked in both holes by real cocks, not just yours and a dildo. Plus there will still be one for me to suck on.” She paused for a moment and took the last sip of her drink. “Besides, I already told him that I was up for it.”

“OK, if that what Mistress wants, that is what Mistress gets.”

“Exactly, now close out our tab and let’s go up to the room. I have a nice creampie for you to eat and this latex thong is starting to get a little uncomfortable.”

I settled up with the bartender and we left the bar. As we walked away I noticed the two guys next to us checking my wife out, I grabbed her tight little ass and smiled at them. We walked hand in hand to the escalator and rode it up to the hotel lobby. In the lobby I flashed my room key at the employee by the elevators and we headed up. It was still before check in time so we were the only two on the elevator for the entire 32 floor ride. I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her back into me. She stood on her tiptoes and began wiggling her ass against my crotch, my cock was still hard in its metal cage. She laughed.

“This chastity cage was a good idea. I like knowing that you are so turned on but you can’t do anything to pleasure yourself. Makes me feel more powerful.” I let out a groan, part in pleasure and part in frustration. Again, the chastity cage was my bright idea, and now I was so worked up that I just wanted to stroke my cock but I couldn’t. She laughed again. “You know, when Jeremy was on top of me, fucking me, he asked what the little brass key on my necklace was for. I told him I like to keep my little cucky locked up. That I like to tease you by walking around in sexy lingerie, flirting with other men in front of you and even masturbating with my biggest dildos, while you just sit there with your cock straining against the steel and leaking precum.” She started laughing. “He actually stopped fucking me and just stared at me for a few moments; I think it was the craziest thing he had ever heard. I actually had to tell him to continue banging me.”

The elevator dinged and the door opened on the 32nd floor. She grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall towards our suite. As we passed two housekeeping women along the way she spoke loudly. “Come on my little cuckold, Mistress has a pussy full of cum that needs to be cleaned up.” The two women looked at each other wide-eyed. “If he does a good job I might even let him out of his cage to pleasure himself.” She started laughing again, continuing until we reached the door. I unlocked the door and again she grabbed my hand taking charge. She lead me into the living room of our suite and stopped in the middle of the room.

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