Casino Cuckolding

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“Yes, please Mistress, my cock is aching so bad for you.” Precum was leaking out of the tip. She cupped my balls with her hand and gently squeezed them. She then ran her tongue along the tip of the cage, collecting some of the precum, making slight contact with the head of my cock. I moaned out “Awwww, please Mistress, please let me cum.” I begged her. She released her grip on my balls and stopped licking me. She leaned back into the chair and stared at me. She started playing with the gold necklace around her neck that had the key to the lock on my chastity cage.

“Well you did do a good job cleaning up my used pussy, I suppose you should be rewarded for that…” she stressed the word ‘should’ and I did not like that. “but, I really feel like going and lounging by the pool to rest up for my big night.” She gave me her devilish smile again and stood up. She grabbed my metal encased cock and wiggled it. “Go put your swimsuit on while I freshen up my makeup and put on a skimpy little bikini.” She gave me a quick little kiss, let go of my cock and walked towards the bedroom. I just stood there with a painfully caged erection and serious case of blue balls as I watched her walk away. I was really, really regretting suggesting the chastity cage now.

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