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Before my wife and I started dating, she had gone out with my buddy Craig, a friend from high school. In fact he was one of the Groomsmen at our wedding. We always kept in touch, and a few years later we bought a house not too far from his. I knew he still had the hots for Jen, so I’d “share”some of the hot pix she’d posed for, without her knowing of course.

During football season he’d come by the house to watch a game, and I’d usually sit in the recliner, so he could sit near her on the couch. Often I’d make a snack run to the store during half-time so they could have some “alone” time.

A few months later Craig invited me to join him at one of his work friend’s bachelor party. It was mostly poker and dirty movies, booze and pizza. When we got back to my house, I invited him in and we discovered Jen had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV, wearing just a skimpy little baby-doll nightie. I’d hinted before I’d left earlier that I’d likely be horny after the Bachelor Party, so she’d dressed up for some fun.

I woke her up and she was embarrassed to find Craig was seeing her dressed like a slut, but not so embarrassed that she covered up. Thats when I suspected we could have some fun. Together Craig and I coaxed and coerced her into going to bed with both of us! I couldn’t believe she agreed!
They headed down the hall to our bedroom while I went to close the bedroom door to our son’s room. Imagine my surprise when I got to our room and he was already between her legs fucking her!! I wasn’t sure what the protocol was for 3-somes, so I undressed and slipped into bed next to them, playing with her tits a little, but mostly just watching, and jerking off. She was moaning and panting softly and he was doing his damndest to make her cum.

Suddenly it occurred to me that she likely had not had a chance to insert her diaphragm!! That meant Craig was barebacking my wife. My cock got even harder at that thought and I slipped out of bed and into our bathroom. Sure enough, the diaphragm was still in its clam-shell case. I keep strking my cock as I grabbed it and headed back into the bedroom, wondering how best to “interrupt” them long enough for her to put the thing inside her.

I was too late! I knew her body language well enough to know she was cumming, and her orgasm pulled his out of him also. I heard him grunt and thrust himself hard and deep inside her one last time before his balls unloaded in her cunt! OMG! He was jizzing inside my unprotected wife, and she was letting him! It was too much excitement for my dick also, and I started ejaculating all over our bedroom carpet, thankfully just on my side of the bed. Her eyes were closed, by I saw him look my way and grin and my loss of control.

I expected him to pull out of her and wondered how I would take my turn, since I’d just cum sooo hard myself. No worries…he kept his cock inside her, like a cork, keeping his seed from leaking out of her messy cunt. After a moment he began stroking in and out of her again, already hard for a second fucking! She protested weakly, but then started moaning again and fell into his rhythm. They fucked again, less urgently, but he still got her off a second time, which I’d never managed. He thrust into her quicker, and emptied his balls into her a second time.
I busied myself sopping up the cum-puddle from the bedroom carpet and she invited him to sleep on our couch since it was already quite late. By the time I got some blankets and a pillow for him, she’d fallen asleep in bed.

I woke a few hours later, around 4 a.m., to find Jen gone. I thought maybe she’d gone to the bathroom, perhaps to clean herself from the leaking semen and sperm. But then I heard a low whispering from the living room. Slipping from bed I snuck partway down the hall. In the semi-darkness I could make out him fucking her on the couch! Three times in one nite!! I stood in the hall jerking my sore dick while my old school friend pumped a THIRD load of cum into my wife’s still-unprotected womb. I managed to get back into bed and pretended to be asleep when she re-entered the bedroom.

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