Casino Cuckolding

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“My sense of humor, good looks, vast wealth…” I countered.

“Sure..” she said raising her brow. “Just shut up and kiss me.” She leaned in and our lips met. She definitely tasted like another man. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and could taste him. The metallic burning taste of another man’s cum in my wife’s mouth. My cock strained against the metal of chastity device she had put on me this morning. She broke the kiss and sensing my arousal she put her hand on my crotch. “How is my little cuckys cock doing in its cage? It feels so hard!”

“It has been semi hard since you put it on me earlier, even more so since I saw you coming down the escalator. And now that I can smell and taste another man in your mouth it is so hard it kind of hurts; I am beginning to regret suggesting the thing in the first place.”

“Excellent!” she laughed “Now order me a drink cucky.” She said demandingly, her smile was beaming at me. I got the bartenders attention and ordered her a Manhattan of her own. “How was your blackjack today? Did you win or were you too preoccupied with what your Mistress was doing to play?”

“I did pretty good, won enough to buy her something nice.”

“Wonderful! First, I got myself a nice young stud to fuck me and now my little cucky is going to buy me something special.” The bartender returned and placed her drink in front of her, she thanked him and reached out for it.

“Wait!” I grabbed her arm and stopped her. “Give me one more kiss before you take a drink.”

Her devilish smile returned. “You are such a kinky little boy.” She leaned over and kissed me. Swirling her tongue in my mouth I savored the wonderful taste of another man’s cum. She reached down and grabbed my metal caged hard on and shook it. “Mmmmm, this is rather fun.” She sighed pulling away. We both picked up are drinks and touched them together. “Here’s to us, here’s to love.” She toasted, quoting a favorite Halestorm song of ours. We both took big sips of our drinks and then leaned back in our seats.

“So, do I get any details or am I just going to sit here wondering?” I asked.

“Well for starters his name is Jeremy, he is 25 years old and he came in from Chicago last night for a friend’s stag weekend. He is only about 5’ 10 or 11 tall but he plays hockey so he is really well built, he has really nice abs!” While she reached for her clutch and removed her phone I was picturing some guy 20 years younger laying on the bed in our suite, my wife working over his hard cock with her mouth and was rubbing his abs with her hands. “Here, look at those abs and that chest!” she said sliding her phone in front of me. I looked at the picture and nodded.

“Wow! How about his cock? Did it fill you up?” She laughed at me.

“Your so funny, it is not always about the size. It was decent, not as big as yours but good enough.” I admit that it did make me feel good. As much as I get off on her fucking other men, I do enjoy knowing that my cock still satisfies her. “It got really hard quickly, after he came in my mouth he was ready to fuck my pussy almost instantly.” She took another drink and then smiled as she replayed the session in her head.

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