Casino Cuckolding

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“Yes Mistress.” I eagerly replied. I put my nose against her pussy lips and inhaled deeply, the smell was incredible. I instinctively reached down to stroke my cock but was denied any gratification by the cage. I stuck my tongue out and touched the base of her pussy, she let out a gasp. I pushed my tongue in and licked up stopping just below her clit. I pulled my tongue out and repeated the move, this time forcing my tongue in deeper. She let out a low moan as I savored the strong taste of their mixed juices. I continued this, each time getting closer and closer to her clit. “Fuck yes, that feels so good. Suck all of that cum out you kinky little cucky. Lick his cum, lick it all and swallow it down like a good little bitch!” I was desperately trying to play with my cock; her words and his cum was driving me crazy. “Oh God yes, that feels so fucking good! Does the thought of his big hard cock pounding my pussy get you hard? DOES IT?”

“Yes Mistress. I am so fucking horny thinking about it.”

“Wait until tonight when l meet up with Jeremy and his friends. I bet you can’t wait to see me taking multiple cocks at once.” My only response was a groan as I sucked the last of the cum out of her pussy. “ I bet you will cum in your cage watching me take all those dicks. I can’t wait to have all my holes filled by some hard young cock. Imagine them using your sluty little wife as they please. Fucking my mouth, pussy and ass all at the same time. That turns you on, doesn’t it cucky?” I stopped sucking Jeremy’s cum out of her pussy long enough to reply.

“Yes Mistress. I want to see you get fucked so badly.”

“You are such a dirty little cuckold.” She laughed. “After they are all done using me, cumming in me, cumming all over me, are you going to be a good little cuck and clean me up with your mouth?” I reluctantly stopped sucking again.

“Yes Mistress. I want to clean all of their cum from you.” I said and went back to cleaning her up.

“You are such a dirty little cum slut! Maybe someday we can get you some cum straight from a nice big cock. What do you think about that?” I simply moaned and continued my job. She laughed and let out a long moan. “Lick my clit and make me cum!” she demanded. I began circling her swollen clit with my tongue. “Ah, fuck yes! Make your Mistress cum you dirty little cuck!” I flicked my tongue over her clit as fast as I could. Her moaning intensified and she began bucking her hips.


I slid two fingers into her pussy and that sent her over the edge. She tightened her grip with her legs around my shoulders, then her entire body shook and she cried out. She let out a long groan and then began giggling like she always does when her clit gets super sensitive after a powerful orgasm. She slowly unwrapped her legs from me allowing me sit back onto my heels. I looked up at her beautiful body, she was glowing.

“Did I do a good job of pleasing my Mistress?”

“Mmmmm, that was wonderful.” She replied smiling at me. “Stand up.” She commanded and I obeyed. She leaned forward in the chair, her face was level with my crotch. “Looks like my little cucky is about to burst out of his cage. I bet you would like to be unlocked and slide your cock into my wet pussy.”

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