An Exhibitionist Hot Wife Veena Ch. 01

‘Yes, I look forward to having more fun too, neighbour xoxo’, I replied.




I have a beautiful wife. Nah… ‘beautiful’ is an understatement for Veena. She is damn sexy with curves at all the right places. Her tits made the most immeasurable impression when I first saw her, even though she was in a saree. I felt fortunate to have married such a bombshell. Wherever we went, she always turned many guys’ heads. Some would openly glare at her perfect boobs. Over time, I felt great that other men envied me. My office colleagues were also jealous of me. Once, I overheard my colleagues talking about my wife. They explicitly talked about how they would love to see what’s behind the dresses she wears and possibly play with her boobs if given a chance.

Initially, I used to be angered by such comments but never did anything. Later, I started feeling proud that I was married to such a trophy wife. Oddly, I was proud whenever anyone talked, and I overheard, about my wife’s body.

One night, I was driving back home from the office. My phone chimed while I was going. A few moments later, I was at a red-light stop. I presumed it must be a message from my wife enquiring when I’d be back home. I still had around 50 seconds until the lights went green. I opened my phone to see that it was a WhatsApp notification from an unknown number.

I was shocked by my bones when I saw the pictures. My eyes widened as I stared at the photos. They were of my wife, and she was wearing only a tank top and the Mangal Sutra. ‘How come some stranger have these photos with him? Is he spying on my wife?’ I thought.

The photo I saw next confirmed that my sexy wife was a willing participant in this incident. She was looking directly at the camera! She was willingly showing off her naked assets to this man (or woman). She only sported the Mangal Sutra in her body and struck alluring poses. Her body was screaming to get fucked.

I was instantly angry, but it subsided. I was pretty aroused too. The thought that my wife was doing such things behind my back was oddly stimulating. My dick is definitely hard. It’s such a turn on to see my wife exhibiting herself like that. ‘There is a raw sexual diva inside her which I have never known!’

A faint knock on my window brought me back to my senses. It was a motorcyclist next to me, suggesting to me that the light went green. He grinned as he saw my phone and the pictures on display. Confused and horny, I drove back to my home.


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