Two girls sublet a room to a cute male grad student

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Early morning sunlight is streaming into the kitchen when I awake on the first day of our summer vacation from school. Our place is very cute – a little three bedroom townhouse-style apartment near campus. I’m staying in our little university town, as is my roommate Jenna, but our other roommate Hannah left last week for a couple of months overseas. We couldn’t really afford to leave the room empty for two months, so Hannah got someone to sublet her room over the summer.

No sooner have I filled the kettle and put it on the stove than my roommate Jenna pads into the kitchen in bare feet. Jenna and I are the best of best friends and part of the reason for that is the way we live our lives so similarly. She loves being up early with the sun, and so do I. We also both love swimming, and reading, and are taking a lot of the same classes at school. We don’t look much alike, though. She has waist-length straight honey blonde hair that never seems to tangle, freckles just across the bridge of her nose, and a tiny waist, flat stomach, and full breasts. I don’t have the long legs she has, though I’m well-proportioned – just petite. I wear my hair long as well, though it’s dark and wavy, and my eyes are hazel where hers are a magical green. I’m fair where she’s golden and tan, and my breasts and hips are smaller, and my freckles dust more of my body.

“Good morning,” Jenna says to me, stretching her arms over her head. Her tiny nightgown rides up, showing a tantalizing amount of hip. She smiles and embraces me, rubbing her soft cheek on mine. I kiss her gently, to say good morning, and her lips are as soft as they always are. She pulls away to get cups out of the top shelf of the cupboard, and as she reaches up I’m treated to her nightgown riding up again, showing me the bottom curve of her ass, and I know she hasn’t got any panties on. I’m not wearing much more, in fact – we’ve never had to worry about it before, living in a house of girls.

See, when Hannah told us she was leaving, we looked and looked for a girl who would be staying in the city for the summer, but we couldn’t find anyone. And so we have Jamie. He’s six-foot-three with broad shoulders and strong arms. He’s doing a graduate research project at our university over the summer, so not only is he gorgeous, he’s also terribly smart.

Fortunately, unlike us, Jamie loves to sleep in.

I pour the hot water to steep our tea and Jenna leans against the counter. “I wonder how late he stayed up studying last night,” she sighs. Also unlike us, Jamie is actually serious about getting some work done this summer, while Jenna and I are taking a single elective class just for an excuse to stay in town rather than going home to our parents.

“You just want him to see you in that little nightgown before you have to get changed into real clothing for school,” I tease.

“What?” she says hotly, blushing. “No! I just, we just don’t see him very often, and – well,” she chews her lip. “Okay, maybe I have a bit of a crush on him.”

I laugh a little. “Well, he’s pretty cute,” I say. “Those shoulders…”

She throws her head back. “Ugh! Yes! Those shoulders! And his hands – I mean, you can tell he’s not just an academic type. He’s got strong hands, with callouses… I just want to feel them on my hips.”

“Mmm,” I say, imagining him holding her hips as he thrusts his cock into her. She swats my shoulder. “You’re a perv,” she teases. It’s true. I am.

She stirs honey into her tea silently, and then admits, “Actually, I… it’s been so long. I am finding myself fantasizing about him a lot. I…” she swallows and blushes more. I wait, silently, knowing her well enough to know that she’s about to tell me exactly what her fantasy is. I love these conversations.

“I actually just really want to put my mouth on his cock. I know! It’s silly, maybe, but I bet he’s lonely and gets really bored studying and I have this fantasy where he falls asleep and I wake him up with my mouth on him, and he’s immediately so hard. And I think about his calloused hands on my face while I suck him. It makes me so wet.”

I can smell her pussy as she talks about it. I immediately want to drop to my knees and put my mouth on her cunt, but I control myself. Instead, I say, “You know, he’s asleep right now…”

She laughs, but then she thinks about it. “You’re right, he is. Do you think…?”

“Do I think he’d like it? Waking up to your mouth on his cock? I think he’d be fucking stupid not to…plus, I’ve seen him watching you. He definitely wants you.”

She smiles excitedly and I know I have her. She grabs my hand and we run down the hall.

The bedroom door is mostly, but not totally, closed. She steps in gently and beckons for me to follow. He’s asleep in the bed, mostly uncovered, with just a sheet over him, and his chest is just as nicely sculpted as we had imagined it would be under his clothes. Jenna climbs onto the bed on her hands and knees and pulls the sheet down, exposing his underwear – boxer briefs, perfect. He groggily opens his eyes while she pulls his underwear off. I put my finger on his lips to comfort him and watch as she runs her tongue along his length. He begins to harden immediately as he wakes up and she wets his cock with her saliva, takes him between her lips.

I love watching this – Jenna makes eye contact with him and starts to move her head up and down, really sucking him. I climb on the bed between his legs and lower my face near hers, running my tongue over his balls. Jenna is on all fours, her lips wrapped around his cock, and it’s big – it’s filling her mouth. She is an incredible cocksucker, I notice. It’s making me very wet to watch her in action. Her nightgown is riding up, revealing her ass, and I move around behind her and run my tongue over her glistening pink pussy. She tastes incredible, so wet.

“This is fucking crazy,” I hear, and I realize it’s Jamie. He moans appreciatively, thrusting his hips up to meet her. I smile and flick my tongue at Jenna’s swollen clit and hear her moan around Jamie’s cock, so I pull her clit into my mouth and play with it with my tongue and lips.

As she continues to suck him, I lick along her wet slit and then slide two curved fingers into her, moving my tongue up to her beautiful little asshole, teasing her there as I fuck her. She is moaning, sucking him, but then she pulls back and looks at Jamie. “I want your cock inside of me,” she says, and he groans with what sounds like desire and amazement.

She sits up, letting his cock flop down toward his stomach, and straddles his hips. I get behind her on my knees and pull her nightgown over her head, kissing her neck, her earlobes, and then her mouth as she turns her face toward me. I run my hands over her gorgeous breasts, pulling at her nipples, before reaching beneath her to find Jamie’s cock. I guide it toward her soaking wet cunt and she lowers herself down on to him. She takes his full length into herself immediately and I moan thinking about how turned on she must be to do so – his cock is certainly too big to fit into me so easily. Jamie moans, “God, Jenna, you feel incredible,” and she begins to bounce up and down on him.

I understand my place in this. I pull off my nightgown – I’m naked beneath it too, like Jenna – and crawl up the bed. I lower my mouth to Jamie’s and kiss him roughly, biting his lips and running my tongue over his. “Do you like that?” I ask him. He grunts a reply, but it was really a rhetorical question. Of course he does. “You like your big cock in that tight, hot little pussy?” In response, his hips move, thrusting up into her, deeper, as she bounces on him. I can tell I’m turning him on, and I know Jenna will love it if I work him into a frenzy. “Do you like fucking your sexy roommate? Putting your cock inside of her? Do you want to wake up to her hot little mouth on you every morning?”

He groans at that, and, panting, says “I want to taste you – put your wet cunt on my face.” What a good sport. I’m impressed. I climb atop him, carefully straddling his face, and lower my pussy toward his mouth. He makes contact with his lips and tongue and I am impressed again. I can feel him rubbing his lips on my sensitive, swollen clit, his tongue running along my slit at just the right pace for me. I moan and watch as Jenna fucks him, her gorgeous tits bouncing in time. I lean forward and catch her for a kiss, drawing her tongue and lips deeply. She quits bouncing to kiss me, grinding her pussy down around the base of Jamie’s cock, taking him as deep as she can. He’s continuing to lick me, flicking my clit with his tongue. I moan and I know I’ll come soon, but I don’t want it to end.

Luckily, Jenna seems to understand, and she pulls me up off of him as she dismounts. She pushes me down on to my back, spreading my legs and straddling me, rubbing her tits in my face. I run my tongue over her nipples, sucking, kissing, and before I know it I can feel Jamie sliding his cock into me. I was right – he can’t push into me as fully as he did into Jenna, but he tries, grabbing Jenna’s hips with his big hands for leverage as he pushes down into me. He pumps into me a couple of times, caressing Jenna’s hips, and slaps her perfect ass. In response, she tilts it up, and he pulls out of me and slides deep into her again with a moan. Jenna nestles her face and chest down into me as he fucks her deep and hard with a slow rhythm, and her body is jolted on top of mine. I reach down and take hold of her ass cheeks, spreading her apart for him, allowing him deeper into her.

Jamie groans and pulls out of Jenna again, and I moan in protest – I love watching my best friend get fucked, if you couldn’t tell. But my protest is silenced as he slides into me again, pushing in all the way this time, pushing Jenna forward and pulling my hips up until he’s fucking me with a good, solid rhythm, and I’m moaning as he hits all of my deepest places and moves me toward a crescendo.

Jenna is kissing my jaw, my neck, with her soft, perfect lips, and draws my lips into her mouth gently with her teeth, and slips her tongue into my mouth. I am in ecstasy, and after a while can’t return Jenna’s kiss as the pleasure in my cunt builds. Jenna looks back at Jamie and I hear her say, “When you’re ready, I want you to come in my mouth,” and he groans and pulls out of me immediately, clearly pushed to the edge by her dirty words. Jenna flips around and he pumps his cock into her mouth and holds her head with his hands as he fills her mouth with his come.

Spent, Jamie collapses to the bed with a grin, and Jenna swallows and gives me a mischievous, satisfied smile before she lowers her mouth to my swollen pussy and runs her tongue over my clit. I orgasm with three of her fingers deep inside of me moments later, and then she climbs over my face as, exhausted, I lick her until she comes, too.

We all lay silent for a little while before Jenna speaks up. “I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer,” she says with a laugh.

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