My meeting in St Andrews hotel with Connor and Niall

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Following my Hogmanay fun with Connor and Niall we exchanged a few flirty phone calls and eventually we set a meeting up for a night.

I arranged a couple of days off work and booked a hotel in St Andrews for Tuesday 19th January.

I have to confess to being both nervous and excited about agreeing to this meeting.

The Hogmanay fun had been spontaneous, and whilst I had fully enjoyed my sexy cock sucking and finger fucking session with them both, the fact remained that they are both my sons best friends and I was now pre-arranging an evening of sex with them.

The phone calls had been very flirty and quite explicit, so when arranging to meet them, they both knew that they were going to be fucking me for the first time. I know that they were both as nervous about this as I was.

Mike and Frank were both very eager and keen for me to follow through with this and leading up the the date night I had some wonderful fuck and suck sessions, getting me hornier and hornier for meeting my two young studs again.

The day arrived and I duly packed my bag. Plenty of sexy outfits and a couple of toys as well..I thought it may spur them on a bit if I put on a little performance for them if things were awkward at all.

I drove down to St Andrews and checked into the hotel, unpacked and then started to change in anticipation of our meeting.

We had planned a little drink before we got into the action, so to speak, and were meeting in the hotel bar for some libations and Dutch courage!

I received a phone call from them to let me know they were on their way and so I headed off to the bar, eagerly anticipating the fun and frolics that were about to ensue.

I had decided to wear something sexy but understated to meet them as I was a bit nervous about drawing attention to myself and was worried in case anyone who the boys knew saw them.

I wore a simple black dress, just above knee length, matching bra and panties set, with black stockings and matching suspender belt.

My panties were see through at the front and the stockings had a small patterned bow motif on the back of them. I thought classy but sexy was the way I looked.

My more tarty outfits were hanging up in my wardrobe! A Schoolgirl outfit, a French maids costume and a naughty nurse costume too. I was going to let the boys decide what they wanted me in. As it happens, all of them was the answer!

At the bar area I ordered myself my usual Gin and Tonic and settled down to await there arrival.

I was getting quite turned on whilst waiting for them. Remembering their young tongues in my mouth, their gorgeous young cocks in my mouth and the loving but rough way they had finger fucked me to the shattering climaxes on Hogmanay.

My cunt was already moistening up nicely and I was almost tempted to slip a hand into my knickers and give myself a little frigging as I waited for them. Modesty stopped me obviously!

As I was nearing the end of my drink I saw the two young lads pulling up in their taxi. My heart was beating faster now as I drew ever closer to the first fuck with my sons two best friends.

They entered the hotel bar area and as soon as I saw them both my stomach was doing butterflies and my fanny was giving me the tell tale tingle signs of how amazingly turned on I was.

They both smiled on seeing me and we were soon embracing in a warm welcome

“Hiya sexy you’re looking good”, Niall said softly in my ear as we hugged.

“Thanks very much,” I replied. “You two are all dressed up as well, I see.”

They both looked amazing in tight grey suits and white shirts. My jaw almost dropped on seeing how young and lithe they were again. To think that they were lusting after little old me!

We got another round of drinks and found a nice quiet corner of the bar to sit in and have a cheeky chat.

The talk was nervous at first but soon we got around to some innuendo and risqué banter. Me complimenting them on their looks and them doing likewise.

I could see they both liked my outfit and took great pleasure in telling them what I was wearing underneath.

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