My meeting in St Andrews hotel with Connor and Niall

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He slowly lowered his head to my steaming quim and began teasing me by licking all around my Venus mons and then lowly down onto my pussy lips.

“Oh fuck yes,” I breathed heavily.


As Niall began working away on my married, wet and wide open cunny, Connor had moved to my left hand side.

I foraged my way inside his boxers getting my hands on his stiff, hard young prick.

Niall was now snaking his tongue up my fucking sopping cunt, getting deep and dirty with his licking. Snaking it inside my quim.

“That’s fucking lush,” I told him. “Nibble my clit as you lick me out. Oh fuck Niall yes!”

My knickers dangled around my heel around his head, swinging to and fro, making the scene seem even more tawdry.

Connor had now done the gentlemanly thing and removed his boxers, springing his rigid cock in my face.

I moved my head towards it, flicked my tongue out and began to lick his cock shaft.

“Mmm!” I moaned as he slapped his solid member against my face. “Beat me with your fucking prick, go on Connor beat my fucking face.”

He obliged by slapping his thick cock against my face and lips. Bashing his bishop against my cheeks and obligingly open mouth. I had my hands around his tight, firm young ass at the same time.

“Use me, fucking use me like a whore,” I begged my two young fuck studs.

I was now close to cumming on Nialls tongue.

“Get a finger up my fucking cunt as well Niall,” I begged him. “I’m so close to cumming.”

His licking speeded up, my fanny lips being slobbered over by his tongue and his face grinding into my wetness.

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He pushed two fingers easily up my cunt and then twirled them around, hooking back to find my ‘g’ spot.

“Oh fuck yes,” I said.

Connor now had his cock probing my ‘O’ shaped mouth. My red lipstick leaving circled stains around his girth as I willingly let him face fuck me. Ramming his rampant cock deep into my mouth, nudging the back of my throat with his engorged length. He still withdrew it from time to time to slap it against my lips and nose. Spittal dribbled from his shaft and his veiny, purple end as he did so.

“Go on,” I urged. “Lick it, please lick it.”

Niall was now whirling away in circular motions all around my clit with his face as his two fingers rammed and reamed my open, married slut hole.

“Yes, yes!” I began to pant as I could sense my climax building. My toes curling in my slutty high heels.

Connor had his cock deep in my mouth, saliva dripping from my mouth and coating his cock and my chin.

My legs began to tense as it hit me. “Fuck yes, I’m, I’m cumming!” I agonisingly moaned.

“Go on Anna cum for us,” Connor said in between slaps of my face with his saliva covered tool.

Niall kept up his rhythm as my cum really began to take over me. I was gushing fanny juice by now.

As I looked down I could see and hear the slops and slurps both of Niall’s tongue as it worked away on my sloppy pussy lips and also from my gaping cunt.

I shook visibly as my waves flashed over me, sending my head and eyes spinning.

“Oh fuck me yes,” I again said in delight. The tension of agonising climaxes sending me into orbit.

My climax was now subsiding as Connor replaced his stiff cock into my mouth for me to eagerly suck and work on it.

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