College graduate visits his hot high school teacher

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She always said there was something special about me. I never thought I’d find out what she meant. Her name was Alexis Johnson. She was my high school science teacher and I’d always had the hots for her. The chick was absolutely gorgeous. She was about 5’5″ with light brown skin and a smile that could draw a grin from a failed suicide attempter with diarrhea. Although she was very pretty, it was her personality that really got me going.

She had a jovial attitude with a catty twist that made her seem irresistible to me.

Anyway during my high school years we were very close. I got good grades in her class and helped her with other classes. Well after my high school graduation, she seemed extremely interested in my plans after high school. I told her I planned on attending college and she immediately asked for my first graduation invitation. I agreed but figured she wouldn’t care in four years.

Well guess who’s graduating? I finished my Bachelor’s in Biology in three years thanks to summers spent at school, and was ready to hit the job market and Ms. Johnson. I finished in the fall and decided to wait ’til spring to graduate with some of my friends. I figured the three months off could be spent doing better things than schooling. I went home for Christmas and after all the holiday stuff with the family I could use some me time. I decided a little ride would get rid of the cabin fever. I drove from my small town a bigger city about 40 miles away. I was perusing through a clothing kiosk at a mall when a familiar laugh caught my attention. Who else but Alexis Johnson giggling away with a friend of hers over a funny t-shirt. I swallowed hard and decided to approach them. I walked over and approached them from behind. There it was; that body that had teased me all those years in high school. “How ya been”, I said as confident as I could manage.

“James!” she screamed as she hugged me. The sudden attention was a surprise, a welcome surprise, but really caught me off guard. “My goodness you look good” she exclaimed. I was overweight in high school, but three years of bad food and hard workouts had done wonders for me. She introduced me to her friend who was also now teaching at my high school. Her name was Heather and she was a new teacher who had graduated from the same college as Alexis. Well I suggested we sit down and have some lunch, on me of course. I explained my situation with school and they praised me for graduating early. The conversation continued and we were soon on the subject of relationships and Heather was complaining about her over-possessive boyfriend. I noticed that she made a point to look me in the eye when she mentioned dumping him. I tried to ignore it and told the ladies I had to go. Alexis stopped me and we exchanged numbers, Heather and I did as well. I left the table feeling victorious, a battle won in the war of conquering my high school fantasy.

A few weeks passed and I received a call from Alexis saying that she needed help setting up an experiment for her Anatomy class. I raced to the school not wanting to miss any contact with her. I arrived to find her dressed surprisingly slight for the middle of January. I took it as coincidence and started on the task ahead of us. They were going to do their first dissections and she needed help preparing dissection kits. We sat down facing each other with the tools between us. We reminisced about the time we spent together during my high school years. She admitted to teasing me, wearing clothes that just were not appropriate for a teacher. I laughed telling her I knew it all along. She asked me why I never did anything about it. I looked her in the eye and told her I didn’t know how she would react.

She paused and said she didn’t know, but wanted to find out. I reached over and grabbed her hand, not a good idea considering she was holding a surgical sharp scalpel. I winced in pain and walked to the sink. I washed the blood gushing from the gash in my hand. She rushed to the sink and checked my wound. She bandaged my hand and apologized too many times. I told her it was no big deal and turned to head back to my seat. She grabbed my arm and spun me around. “Were you gonna kiss me?” she inquired. I stood there stuck until she pulled me down and planted a tender kiss on my lips. I picked her up and sat her up on the counter. I kissed her deep, deeper than I’d ever kissed any girl. I broke the kiss to breathe and she gave me a look I’ll never forget and uttered ” You wanna do it here?” I reached for her again when the door opened.

“Hey Alexis wanna grab some-, oh you’ve already grabbed what you wanted.” Heather teased as she entered the room. “I’m down the hall working and you two are in here playing grab ass.” I dropped my head in shame and left the room. I admonished myself in the car on the way home for being so careless. How could I have forgotten to lock the door? I went to sleep dreaming of what could have been. I awoke the next morning to my cell blaring. I sleepily answered the phone to hear Heather’s cheery voice. “What’s up James? I called to apologize about yesterday. It was rude of me to come in without knocking. I wanna make it up to you, how about lunch today?” I agreed and rolled over to get a little more sleep. I later met Heather and Alexis at a small diner in town. We sat down in a booth, Heather beside me and Alexis sitting across from me. We made small talk and joked about what happened earlier. I was halfway through my burger when I felt a hand on my thigh. Being careful not to give her away I shot Heather a quick smile. The subtle gesture did nothing to stop her. She crept up my thigh and grabbed my dick through my jeans. I coughed trying to get her to stop, but she kept massaging and was successfully arousing me. About three more minutes of tortuous pleasure I was rock hard and barely containing my excitement. Alexis noticed me squirming and asked if I was okay. I reassured her I was fine and asked how the dissections went. While she went on about the experiment, Heather unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out. Now with more to work with, she started a professional hand job. She jerked and twisted her hand without showing motion anywhere else. She calmly sipped her tea while she was jacking me into a frenzy. Just as I was about to cum, Alexis excused herself to the restroom. I waited until she was out of sight and pulled Heather’s hand away.

“What is wrong with you?” I scolded. She smiled and turned to face me.

“Why you wanna fuck with her old ass anyway, when you could have this pretty young thang?” I had no response. I guess I let my obsession for Alexis get in the way of really noticing her. Before I could muster a response Alexis slid back into the booth. I tucked my dick back into my shorts and tried to hide it with my shirt. Alexis returned and I pretended like nothing happened. She suggested that I come by the school later and see the experiments. I agreed and said my goodbyes before Heather had a chance to start again. I noticed that they both were staring at my crotch as I left, I guess I wasn’t as calm as I thought. I shuffled to the car and rushed to solve my “problem”. I drove to the school around 4:30 that evening. I approached the door and noticed it was cracked. I peeked through the opening and was blown away at the sight. Alexis was standing at the board erasing, but Heather was standing behind her rubbing her breasts and kissing her neck. I was blown away. Heather had undone her blouse and was playing with her naked tits.

I thought about standing and watching but I really wanted to participate. I knocked on the door and laughed as they scramble to fix their clothes. Alexis beckoned. I could tell she was out of breath and had to choke back a chuckle when I greeted them. Heather sat in a chair near the desk Alexis sat at. I asked if I had interrupted, and Alexis told me they were just sharing a little gossip. I smiled and sat on the desk. I asked about the dissections I came to see. She explained that they had started to smell and were disposed of. I feigned interest while I tried to think of a way to talk about what I’d seen. What the hell, why not go direct?

“What were you two doing before I came in?” I said with a smile. They flung excuse after excuse. Alexis said they were just playing around while Heather insisted they were doing nothing at all. “Well, that must have been a whole lot of nothing.” I said coyly. “You two weren’t flirting were you?” Both ladies dropped their heads. Alexis rose from her desk and asked me to sit. I sat down and tried to contain my excitement. Here I was sitting between two beautiful women. One older and refined, the other young and jovial. If I played this right I was in for one hell of an afternoon.

“James what you walked in on was two adults doing adult things”, Alexis explained slowly. “There is no need to for any of this to leave this..” I cut her off, assuring her that I had no intention of telling anyone. She smiled and sat in my lap. “Now what can I do to make sure you’re not lying?” I raised my head to speak and she cut me off with a quick kiss. “No more talking I want to see how much you’ve grown.

With that she removed her blouse and walked over to Heather who was busy peeling her dress over her head. They embraced and shared a slow, lingering kiss that frankly made me jealous. It was all I could do to restrain myself from jumping both of them, but I knew it was better to wait. I watched them remove each others bras to reveal the bevy of breast I was soon to enjoy. Alexis’ slightly sagging smaller tits pressed lightly on Heather’s big youthful melons drew a dribble from my mouth. The couple moved to the front of the desk where Heather lifted Alexis up to the desk. She then dipped her head and suckled her small dark nipple, alternating in response to the coos escaping her lips. Not wanting a repeat incident I stood and locked the door, no passerby was ruining this for me. When I turned back towards the desk, Heather’s head was buried under Alexis’ skirt and her thong-clad ass was high in the air. I quickly undressed wanting to seize a perfect opportunity. I approached Heather’s thrashing ass and grabbed it like I owned it. I pulled her underwear to her ankles and dove into her pussy. I licked the entire length of her slit and kissed the pucker of her asshole. Moans emitted from the depths of Alexis’s skirt as I continued my oral assault. Confident that Heather was well prepared for a good fucking, I stood and entered her from behind. There is nothing like good pussy! She seemed like a perfect fit. We quickly gained a rhythm and she tongue-fucked Alexis with the force of my thrust. The room rang with the moans and groans of the women in the room. I looked up from Heather’s butt and caught Alexis’ eye. She blew me a kiss and threw her head back and howled in orgasm. When she looked again her eyes were glazed over in lust and I drove into Heather like a madman. Heather was next to cum. The increased pace was more than enough to make her shudder in ecstasy. I stood there like a king, happy my ginseng regimen had proved successful. I spread our jackets on the floor and lie down. The ladies took the hint and took their position.

Alexis straddled my dick and it took every bit of will I had to keep myself from filling her with every drop of cum in my body. She sat there staring at me and it finally hit me, this was Ms. Johnson! The teacher I had so long lusted after. I was fucking the hot teacher! I suddenly snapped back to reality when Heather pushed me down and sat on my face. I was surrounded by pussy and couldn’t be happier. I drove my tongue deep into the tangy depths of Heather’s puss. I paused my tongue-drill to adjust to the serious riding Ms. Johnson was administering below my waist. She was a fucking pro!(literally) She squeezed her hips on her upward motion and grinded on her downward motion. I thought I would pass out from pleasure overload. Lucky for me my oral prowess quickly brought Heather to a cooing orgasm. She rolled off me and I took the opportunity to change position. I pushed Alexis off me and she read my mind and got on all fours. Heather wasted no opportunity and spread her legs in front of Alexis. I waited until she was busy entertaining Heather and slammed home with the force of an atom bomb. She howled in surprise as I ravaged her from behind. My patience long gone I pulled her away from Heather and rolled her on her back. I looked down hungrily at the body I had so long wanted. She was mine and I intended to make this memorable. I plunged into her again, thrusting with long, slow strokes. We locked eyes and suddenly the room was empty. I felt as if we were floating. We were locked at the waist and at the mind. I was nearing orgasm when she whispered the most beautiful words I’d ever heard.

“Come with me.” That did it. I pulled out and poured cum all over her belly. I’d never came that hard or that much. I think I actually lost sight for a second. I collapsed on the floor while Heather toyed with the pool of semen in Alexis’ navel. I sat there smiling. I had my wildest sex ever with the longtime object of my desire. We cleaned up the best we could and left the school. I took the two to dinner and we joked about making this relationship real. I was joking at the time but the idea was intriguing. Who knows? I wouldn’t mind hanging with these two for a while.

If you think I should continue this story please let me know.

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