Tolly Queen 7

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And then, she glanced at her with a start, “Oh, my my……! I hope he didn't make me .” What a thought! But after a pause, she calmed down with, “I think my period is in a of days, so we're probably OK.”.

She was quiet for a minute. “Maybe we should have him cum in my on my fertile days so that only you can go in my cunt when I'm ovulating.”

“But I'm not worried about that….. I mean whether you're ovulating or not…. even I never mind about the fact if you're impregnated by him or others. However it sounds good to me,” Noel answered, and kissed her. “So I think you'll get both of us in all the three holes of you.”

She laughed up at her husband….. happy….. content….. satisfied and then put her head down on him and slept happily.

Actually he had clearly given up part of his to his partner…. part of her sexual side…. her womanhood. But in return, he had gotten back even more. He was now sure that she would always prefer to have sex with Kader…… even she wouldn't object other men to her.

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That was just something she needed sexually, and it clearly didn't interfere with their love and faith….. or their enjoyment of each other's . They had sure had a great time together tonight because of Kader's involvement with them.

He now fully realized how much he wanted to see other men fuck her…. to see her in that kind of need. He was now driven by that kind of lust, even if, part of it, was driven by a deeper desire that had nothing to do with him.

It had been almost as good to see her cum like that with someone else inside her as it was to fuck her by himself. She had been so ….. she had taken Kader in her ass without any trouble. She had clearly needed to do that….. to fuck someone else, and he wanted it for her too.
__________ _________ _________ ___________

So things had changed greatly after their marriage. Another had had his wife now….. her cunt….. her anus….. her tits….. her mouth. But Nispal was glad for her…. for him….. for Kader. He liked it, as he watched her fall asleep in his peaceful embrace.

She was not only his wife…… now a real slutwife too, so that other men would fuck her….. would be used freely for their enjoyment. He knew with certainty that there would be others…. many others in Tollygunge film-industry after Kader who would enjoy her and that surely helped to flourish their production unit.

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He was highly grateful to her….. proud of having such an adjustable wife…. proud of what she had done for their family's wellbeing.
____ _______ _______ ________ ______ _____

It's over two years later now and Nispal never get tired of the sight of his wife spreading her legs for other producers, directors or actors. It's real and not flirting…… and he is very proud of the fact that she's never coy about it.

“Wet pink with a hole in it,” as she describes it, displaying herself to her dates.

Her partners were mostly the filmy personnel…. but not too much….. maybe there have been just five during this period. And she never felt ashamed to let them know that she is always ready to be owned…. used….. spanked…. fucked by them just to get a in their films. However she was even more conscious about the fact that her husband must knew how much she wanted that….. and how much she loved them for letting her do it.

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